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[Chat (Android)] Custom ship building guide

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Posted on 3/21/15 11:01:28 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

IGG (the company behind Galaxy Online 3) has abandoned the game. This means no more updates, patches, bug fixes and/or new content will be releashed. I feel it's my moral obligation to --not-- support people to keep playing a dead game. Hosting the wiki and custom ship designer means I would be supporting people to keep playing (and paying).
Don't shoot the messenger - if you want to complain about the lack of game development, go to the official IGG GO3 forum - Beware tho - no IGG representative has been active there for the last 3 months. Even the forum moderators are ignored by IGG.
This is official IGG policy. If a game is not succesful enough then IGG abandons it and tries to squeeze it for a last quick dime.
It's been fun everyone, thanks for visiting the wiki and ship designer. Hope to see you again in another game. I won't be playing any IGG games for obvious reasons.

Posted on 3/21/15 11:58:21 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thx Rockey for making it digest.

Posted on 3/21/15 12:25:08 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

is there anything (captain/mod/tech) that repairs shields in percentages?.....This could play into the titan shield if there is ._.

Also, as the titan shield has extra buffer (a lot) instead of negation, it's almost like the same thing.....kinda (just not reusable) edit: adding the 300 points as buffer is like adding 10 negations of 30 damage....except this is added all together instead of per each attack.

it doesn't use he3 it seems large battles tend to run into [the loss of he3 being] a big death factor for heavily negated tanks.

just a thought.....not sure if I'm way off

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Posted on 3/21/15 1:25:30 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

as the he3 usage and such has already been nullfied effectively :p think about shorter time frames now

Many ladder battles only last 5-10 turns (at least where I'm at, I don't have all those fancy cool things you guys got :p)

where you can fit 20 sagan shield mods, I can fit 26 titan shields. You can nullify 1400 damage per round (plus the 4400 buffer). So if I bring in a ship based weapon and whomp on you the first round, I can potentially break it and just obliterate the stack.

Now those 26 titan shields have a 7800 buffer (as opposed to the sagan.... 1 round of 1400 [negated] + 4400 [buffer] = 5800 extra hp). Same ship based weapons might not crack this stack, giving my fleet 1 turn to return fire, or at least soak up another turn of shots from another fleet.

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Posted on 3/21/15 2:21:43 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

@ derp

The thing to remember is that Sagan shields can absorb damage from multiple attacks. Even if the damage is more than they can absorb, it's a  massive decrease in how much the shields drop. When being attacked, it's going to be all of the enemies 9 ships versus the 3 ships on your front row, or side etc until those ships are destroyed. 

Lets say you had a fleet of 9 ships, your 3 ships on the front row had Titan shields increasing their shield buffer to 6000 (we'll discount the ships own shield buffer and only include the buffer from the shields modules themselves). The enemy fleet attacks you from the front and each ship in their fleet does 2,000 damage to your shields (we'll forget that ships on the back row deal less damage than those on the front row). Each of the ships on the front will be attacked 3 times in that one attack between fleets, taking your shields down to 0.

If the ships on your front row had Sagan shields, your ships had a shield buffer of 4,400 and were able to absorb 1,400 damage. On the each on those 3 attacks you'll take 600 damage to your shields (1,800 in total), leaving you with 2,600 shields.

Posted on 3/21/15 5:21:48 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

@XECX: You stated to check the captain's skill for B9. Doesn't mention anything about "repair." Is this one of the texts that IGG can't be bothered to describe properly?

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Hi Bro, i need some advice on passing through Stage 14(Elite) i think all is Hamdar with Impact shipped based weapon, i assumed Kinetic = Impact? any good idea of which one should i go for? i'm not a Casher, and i spent all my spac bux to buy VIP  7D for 325. which really gave me a decent boost on resources.

I'm fully spent all my resources on Weapon modules, Defense and Max Auxiliary except for engine boost +3 movement(Require lv16 Research Center).

I only have Hamdar Lv1(Ship Module) and Tiamat Lv3 currently.

I"m an 100% idiot without prove