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[Chat (Android)] My Tactics (Sieging)

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Posted on 3/14/15 10:50:40 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

There's the thing bud. the point isn't that you're always knocking each other around. its so that you can scan everyone else out and check to see if they're hoarding res...and in such case, form a fleet that is worth taking the risk based on how much they have. And of course I'm not going to boost the ol' e-peen by trying to hit you, it would be I've said I'm in the 1-1.5k bracket.

The point is that everyone gets res relatively slowly, and thus when you're collecting these millions and millions of res, other people can (for the cheapish price of < 3k gold) keep tabs on you, and if you want to save up untouched, you need to get a truce. This would effectively make the stronger players such as yourself able to keep tabs on others who you may want to hit.

If it is actually impossible for you to hit anybody in your bracket (after all those whom are hiding in emulators are unveiled). then I'd suggest you either reevaluate the people you have blue listed, or there's a balance issue with the game that should be addressed. In which case, having solved this problem earlier, may have been helpful in mitigating people from being able to get said defenses built...unless of course they were just bought....which i suppose is anybody's right, and you'll just need to pay more than them to beat them in said case.

please refer to earlier comments on my posts referring to time spans associated with this game for the F2P players. And then expand that timeline 3-10 times based on your level and building upgrades. As I feel as though this may also clear up some thoughts.

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Posted on 3/15/15 1:48:06 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I have raided a player the other day ranked about 50th. He had zero ships out and my 18 fleets still rounded out. So... I only caught half the possible resources and even lost more fuel than I gained.

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Posted on 3/15/15 2:58:39 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

quite interesting. do you think that the player spent a significant amount of $$ for these defenses? because if so then it's probably appropriate of that outcome in this case. And more importantly, has he spent more $$ than you....

keep in mind, this game is strictly a wallet battle on the high end, tied in with strategy (that most high end players know), and a bit of rock, paper, scissors + luck.

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Posted on 3/15/15 6:00:41 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Wrong place to reply here

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Posted on 3/15/15 3:55:14 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

also, if possible actually start making posts in here as opposed to comments >.> as I almost just let those comments go without notice.

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Posted on 3/16/15 7:53:06 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Okay, let's try this again.

NotDerp, you are at what might? 1-1.5K ... try coming up to the BIG BOY section, where attacking PDs of people is just a good way to lose your ships.

Have you even TRIED computing the resources of let's say a level 15 resource generating building (w/ whatever bonuses there are?) It would take literally a week (if not more) to generate enough resources to upgrade. Assuming you aren't upgrading anything else ... or building ships ... or doing research.

Now before you get back on your soap box. Join us in the 5K-6K range first okay?

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Posted on 3/16/15 4:08:33 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I've no need to make it to that range as there's currently no advantage I see to being in that bracket other than the rarely found npc's. I might scan 10 times a day just to scope out if anybody else taking my route has dc'd in the area and is hoarding res. I feel as though you haven't comprehensively read my thoughts and you're just skimming over them, reading what you choose.

I'll sum some stuff up for you for your own convenience.

1. this game is meant to be played day by day and week by week, not hour by hour and def not minute by minute. Some things can take place at very specific times, however that's left up to guilds to time when to be around. Res comes slow, everyone else's res comes slow, if you want something to happen fast...spend that dough :p

2. if you can't effectively attack someone, then you guys are evenly matched, and you're either both in the proper tier, or you're both in a wrong tier for your strength. The tier system is realistically broken already. lvl 17 barricades and structures shouldnt realistically be in the 1-1.5k might range, but they are. Not just a few either. As this is currently the route that i'm taking, sticking to a relatively low tier and getting higher level buildings. This preventing as many people as possible from being able to siege me if #3 is ever implemented...

3. igg should make it so that being logged on doesn't keep you off scan (this way you can just scan everybody openly in your range and dont need to check at different times if they've logged). making it so for the cheap price of < 3k gold you can check people logged on with bluestacks in your range. As of right now, someone with bluestacks who doesn't attack anybody but npc's and is > 200 in rank can NEVER BE SIEGED. And those within the first 200 ranks need to have sb spent. Believe me as i say this to even disadvantage myself. I've no doubt I hoard signiificantly more res in my tier (as i'll now be getting level 13 main buildings in 2 days when my cap is done and less than 1200 might) than most others (only while i'm online though! hahaha, no getting it :p). I speak unbiased, whether it'll disadvantage myself or not. This also would allow tactics of trying to scan and siege players inside rbp's even if they're online, which I think would be another awesome factor to the game ;]. No longer would there be spamming of all fleets from everyone into a planet, unless you've got those mega defenses up already :p

And because i dont care to keep the comment train going...

level 15 cc, and 14 ss....and you've had more than double my time to collect res....

I'm omw to cc 13 right now, and will be omw to ss 12 by the end of the day. Having never bought sb, also no free offers (except i think like 3 of the single sb vids because they were convenient :p) as i see it supporting this bugged up program in the same way.... I still have all the free sb ever given to me with the exception of diamond vip and a few black market res purchases. If i were to unload this free sb, I would be actually able to come up to similar levels instantly with all buildings. So im assuming you have also been saving yours. There's a ton of factors in here and without step by step comparing buildings there not a whole lot of e-penis comparing to do. To say that time is not a factor is strange though. As this game is like 50% time based, if not more. Toss in some luck and strategy in there for the rest of the 100% :p.

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Posted on 3/16/15 4:28:28 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

OK discussion aside, what's the deal with this thread beeing labeled as 'digest'? A significant group of people are sharing different views on the topic while the original author edited his post with a of full-caps disclaimer, yet it this guide is labeled as digest.

In my opinion, if this thread is going to be digest worthy it should be based on actual measurable facts and (just about) everything in this thread should be reproduceable (with reasonable margin). And at the moment that is not the case, not even remotely.

So for information-sake let's all agree to disagree here, stating that we all have opinions on the raiding-matter and that no one knows what's actualy going on. Only IGG knows the current precise game mechanics, which might very well not reflect how they wanted them (the game mechanics) to be. What I'm saying is that the current Raiding system could be work in progress and that we're all guessing at how it works.

Untill IGG spills the beans and tells us how Raid does work currently and how it is supposed to work (assuming that it doesnt which could be the case) obviously no one is sure. Let's not drag this on, let's drop the topic and hope that IGG will fix the critical lack of in-game available resources soon.

Posted on 3/16/15 4:33:42 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

fair enough. I was kinda goin on as if this were a bugs/chat discussion. My bad bud ._.

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Posted on 3/16/15 4:50:39 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Also i can type very well obviously. Sorry for that, but i can't or don't know how i can edit my comment/reply.

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