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Posted on 6/11/15 11:56:11 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

just something else I had actualy randomly thought of >.>

Might be interesting to limit each person to only having say....3-8 fleets as attacking a planet at any 1 time. This compounded with a timer?

Could imagine people needing to start and work through strategies with each other having to coordinate which captains/fleets were being sent when, and when some died what else had to go in.

Also, open up both the western and eastern gates plox x.x

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Posted on 6/13/15 2:21:14 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

maybe then...something along the lines of the entry gate switches every 20 rounds? with no entry allowed between every 15th-20th round (ie 15-20, 35-40, etc.)

There's got to be some way to eliminate the dumb gate blocking.

Alternatively, allow defensive fleets to only be  allowed to garrison on the back half of the grid? I could kinda see that happening, as it would still potentially allow working up to gate blocks....but it'd be hard work, a little luck, and hoping that some really heavy hitters weren't first in the door. compound this with say...garrison gets 250 fleets, attackers get 100 fleets, and only 5 fleets per person attacking........maybe?

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Posted on 6/13/15 5:02:15 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

1. No more than 24h battles. Losing your fleets for 24h is already bad enough but for lets say 2 days? You cant do anything on those days. So end battle at 24h

2. Make no limit. Really, its highly exploitable now that you put a limit. Certain corps send their alts to not allow other corps to send. Way to go IGG, making alts viable and the only way of battling impossible. Just learn how to efficiently load the fleets in your code and loading battles wont be a problem.

3. Where is our battlefield? Are you doing anything towards this direction? Because really if you dont plan any feature to bring pvp in this game let me know to quit now.