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[Chat (Android)] My improvements for IGG

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Hello Im like my Nickname says xXAngelofDeathXx
i played go2 since the early beginning on german server 1
so i have a lot of experience in this game and i spend a little bit money for go3 now just to see how the game scales when your level gets higher.
And i want to help IGG to get some impressions from players ingame.
So i want to tell you some of my impressions from now my space station is already level 14

I already spoke to the GM Tot about my first point:
In my opinion at the moment there arent enough resource planets 14 level 3 guilds and 16 planets. I saw already that there are coming new ones and there is a preparation for more rp systems. But the rps are such an important factor in this game that there arent enough at the moment. The mines doesnt give enough resources to pla without rps. The npc enemies in the siege system doesnt give enough resources for upgrading the capital. For example you need 1,4 million gold for an upgrade how do you want to get it if the sieges just give 10k or less? There is an other reason why its so hard to get it because if you get sieged you lose all of your resources. Because you need gold for upgrading the planetery defense...

so i think it would be nice for every guild and player if there will be added fast more rps because in my opinion there is nothing demotivating as making no step further because of losing all ressources or having no ressources for upgrades.

For my next point i also wrote in live support with a GM:
As you can remeber in go2 there was no maximal amount of fleets you are able to hold.
I have my space station as i already told on 14  and i can hold 18 flets. At the first moment it sounds a lot but if you have a deeper look into the game you see that 18 are not enough.
This is the first day of defending the rp. I put 14 of my 18 fleets on the rp to defend it. With this decision i pushed myself out of the game because in this 20 ours i couldnt do anything. no missions no sieges. the only thing i cpuld do is league.
So it would be nice to be able to holf more fleets. Just as an example :
In the game there are at the moment around 45 commanders i can hold 18 fleets.
My guild is on level 3 so we could hold 3 rps.
Each rp is able to hold 100 fleets that means we need 300 fleets just as defend if all 3 rps are in defense mode at the same time.
It means there are a lot of players who cant do anything. Also its not possible to attack other rps because you cant send enough ships for attacking an other rp.

So please make a higher amount of fleets possible.

my last improvement is the system of putting ships on a rp

As you know in go2 it was easy to make a tactic to defend or move your ship to/on the rp.
Just put them in the right place on your space station and send them to rp.
now you have to send them to the rp and move them in the right position.
The big problem of this system, you cant move them when there are more ships from other players in the same corner. also you cant stack fleets on the rp  just randomly in the gates where they spawn.

So please find a good solution for placing the ships on the rp maybe the good old system of go2.

The really last point are the cp: yes IGG i agree you want to get some money with te game but please not with one of the main things in the game. The normal mission consumes 6 cp each try. Elite 12. So you have 3 elite attempts per mission that means if you do 3 missions half of your cp are gone wihtout getting a step further in the discovery of new ships. you need 12 rocket booster just for this 12 you spend all of your cp. Ok  you get 40 for the daylie task and with luck from the free wheel but you dont get any further if you dont have enough cp for missions. In go2 if you needed a ship or weapon etc. you could farm the mission until you get it without spending some cp for it. why do you now start making money with one of the most important parts of the game?

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Well my thoughts on the matter is we just need to accept what we are.... we are a MOBILE GAMING 4X GAME IN SPACE...  

So that in itself tels you that GO3 is right of the bat innovation.... its up to us to just make our voices heard...

MOBILE GAMING as a genre has truly overtaken the pc....console... and handhelds....

By leaps and bounds...

We have a saying in our country and it goes...

Walang Hindi PWEDI....

Good day friends

The killer with the beat that n3ver sleeps to dream....
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I have to agree on the resources part, I don't mind hitting NPCs with around 50-100k red but the ting is, I gotta scsn  20times to find a good NPC without maletiz... maletiz price like a mad man!

Posted on 1/5/15 12:04:22 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

me too i agree to that siege part. but somehow the only thing you hit custom or let say choices are the rank 200 to rank 1. then the rest is on your mail thou.. and i increase of cp limit might also improve the game.. 

IGN: Decimo
Guild: ⊙Vongola⊙
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I agree that resource gains need to be increased.  The mines outputs need to be increased because the current base resource output makes the benefits of RBPs extremely low and RBPs should be an important gain for any guild.  At the moment 10 hours of resources from mines, with the 100 percent VIP bonus, will not even allow me to upgrade one building (mines are at 10 and 11).

I have no doubt that siege was meant to provide players with some enjoyment and the opportunity for an additional source of resources.  At the moment siege is pointless for higher might players.  Most players understand that siege has changed from enjoyment to a constant and endless spamming of the scan button. Why are we spamming the scan button? Occasionally players will get the message, "unable to locate opponent", or will keep seeing the same players, which is not that big of a deal.  I myself do not bother attacking players because even if I win, I will still lose more ships than the gains.  

So what is left are the NPC targets.  Again I do not attack targets that cause me more lose than gain and a majority of the targets cause more lose than gain.  IGG will claim that the siege targets are working fine and that we need to change our strategy.  IGG is incorrect and if they truely believe that they are not then please state this strategy that eludes most players.  Spending a ton of money on increasing commander star levels is not a strategy.  If IGG wants to end our constant endless scan spamming and actually give us potential targets then they only have to change a few things.  First off remove the maletiz commander for the NPC targets.  A majority of the NPC targets have maletiz and that commander can cause thousands of ship loses. With at least 2k loses a player does not benefit from gaining 40k to 50k of each resource.  Lastly, increase the amount of resources that can be gained from the NPC targets.  Some of the targets do not even give enough pu to cover the pu that is used during the fight.   It doesnt have to be much but it needs to be enough to make it worth sieging a NPC target. That means enough to cover the loses, the pu costs and still get something for your troubles.

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Your "spend a little bit money" is funny. Almost all fleets with 9 stacks (captain lvl 45+) up to 13500 ships per fleet. Well done, you'd spent a little bit money and a little bit of time. ;)

You're right, there aren't enough resource planets for the amount of guilds. But at the current output level of mines, they're not worth the afford. You already mentioned the small amount of max fleets - defending a few planets and you can't do anything else... That's not the only point. The resource planets don't have a noteworthy effect unlike as in go2. My mines with 4 resource planets, the guild level bonus and diamond VIP (+100%) just needs 18 days to produce enough resources for the upgrade to capital 11 - and takes less than 2 days to finish. That's a boring waiting game...

So the output of mines has to be increased dramatically first. Than resource planets are worth being taken and than we need much more of them.

Fleets, as already said, shouldn't be capped, or at least only by the amount of captains someone owns. If the small amount is kept, it's just another point why this is a boring waiting game...

Placing ships at rp is a minor point, it's an annoying detail, the other problems are far more important.

The biggest problems are the resources. After reaching some more thropies, it becomes almost impossible to get more resources. As Raddock already said, the outcome of siege battles has to be positive. It become harder to get enough resources, but after I hit 3k trophies, it's almost impossible for me to get any resources.

Before that the npc targets had at lest 40k-50k resources each - most of the time. After I reached 3k trophies most targets have between 8k-30k resources. And guess what, they didn't become easier in return. Now I can't even get enough Pu out of battles, I have to spend gold to buy Pu. Not to mention to avoid Maletiz targets, no chance to get any positive outcome with a Maletiz fleet.

I'm bored of tapping the scan button over and over again without finding a valuable target and just watching my gold vanish into thin air.

It will become a completely boring game after you reached some more trophies.

And the cherry on top: Live support said the system is working great, I just have to change my strategy... lol

Posted on 1/5/15 6:13:56 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I feel live support is there to help you with imediate game bugs. The 'system' isn't at fault, the 'concept' is. Live support will not be able to change that I'd say.. But with some luch our suggestions and ideas make it back to developer/project managers in IGG, who can decide to change things..

Oh.. I had that waiting game for res already at 2.000 might.. went through scans faster than instances and got stuck too fast lol ;-)

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Posted on 1/6/15 2:10:12 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

all valid points. appreciate that