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[Chat (Android)] GO3 vs GO2 and the Auction House effect

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Posted on 3/25/15 2:30:26 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Dear IGG,

after many years of playing GO2 (I play since the very start of GO2) I d like to let you know my opinion of where GO3 is better/worse and most importantly raise my concerns regarding long term effect of not having an AH in GO3.

First the pros:
1) Commanders! I adore the way you have made the commander leveling with shards and all, removing the idiotic GO2 system of merging cards and unbinding cards.
2) Missions/Elite missions/Challenges. The fact that we can get shards (i.e. commander upgrade components) from PvE is awesome. Also adding CPs/autoraids renders a bot useless. Regarding the bad side effects (e.g. missions or instances as we knew them were our main source of income, unlimited income of resources), an idea would be to greatly increase the resource output of resources from instances, like 10x or even 100x. Please also consider decreasing the CP required for elites, especially now that CP was removed from the wheel. Besides, elites are already limited to 3 per day. Additional ideas are to give extra CP from VIP (e.g. 300 CP for Diamond per day in addition to the 100 badges) or decreasing the regeneration time of CP with VIP (I personally prefer the latter one)

1) Siege system. Although it has some pros (no bullying from bigger players to newbies, no alt farming) it has taken away all the tactic aspects from GO2 that were great (scouting and sending ships correspondingly, big strategic server wars). I cannot think of a way to introduce scouting without giving a free alt card. Regarding server wars though, it could be added as a seperate feature of the game, e.g. guild wars in the sense of champs that can be initiated by 2 corp leaders and give rewards to the participants according to SDs. Just an idea

2) Auction House. Although I understand the reasons for removing this feature (alts), you have taken away the only way to balance the game between payers and non payers. I really adored this feature in GO2, because you could be "close to top" player without necessarily paying your way to the top. In a sense, it allowed for many game styles. Without it, in less than a year we will have ended GO3 because payers will be years ahead non payers. Especially when considering that e.g. ladder rewards are way too much for ranks 1-20 compared to the rest, the gap between the top 20 or so players and the rest will grow exponentially as time passes by. On the other hand we have the freebies, which however are the same for all. Could you consider adding a form of AH in GO3 (e.g. a method that we could sell stuff for SB to other players). It could have anti-alt measures in the same sense of the siege system (i.e. randomness). A possible idea would be to not have individual sales but for examples sales of custom hamdar bps, where the price is pre-set (so that we dont sell a wike for 1k SB) and every player selling would put in the pile the number of bps they want sold while the buyers would randomly (or FIFO) buy from the pile.

Sorry for the long post!

Posted on 3/25/15 2:52:05 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

My personal belief is tha an auction house will destroy the game faster than not having one... No matter how you try to control it, if there is a way to pass items between players especially ships then that is bad...

You say that the divide will be high between the ptw and the none payers, yes it will and thats how its meant to be...  In GO2 no none payer could ever dream of beating a high roller ever ever ever...  Imagine this also a high roller will not just have 1 account that is supper strong, but now they can share ship they will have many strong accounts...

Also this game has no real pvp, so buying ships is pointless, all it does is speed up the end game for you...  spenders will get there fast and realise nothing to do, non spenders will take longer and enjoy the journey more..

I do agree the ladder awards need to be looked into as the balance is very out and as you say the top 20 get far to much compared to the rest..

But back to the point an auction house can and will always be manipulated and abused.

Ex GO2, S15, S20, S29 and FO2 S2 Leader of D_R
Posted on 3/25/15 3:23:22 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

In GO2s, it wasn't just alts using the AH was had a negative effect on the game. You had many players who all they did all day was beg, beg, beg for free BPs, they'd even jump between corps to get freebies. You had players who had all these these BPs without farming any instances themselves because they couldn't be bothered to put the effort in. There were players who had one than more account, their main would be well into the 20's instances and they were still begging for free BPs on alts from the earlier missions.

I'm sure some of your suggestions would work, but I think people should have to put their own effort into their own account.

I made a suggestion a while back: Move all mall ships to the black market. Players could donate their unwanted BPs to their guild gaining nothing in return. Players could then use their corp donations to buy those BPs, each would have a preset price which would be set by IGG. The guild level would effect which BPs could be donated. It wouldn't so much be about trade, but more about creating a team with spirit within a guild. 

But I think even that's a crap idea, it's just my idea of an alternative to the AH in GO2.

Posted on 3/25/15 3:36:23 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Nice post your majesty

IGG have already show us the fact that to get Stella you needed to spend real money, a whopping $200.  In go2 you could save up and buy most commanders from AH so the spread of commanders was quite even, what seperated the players was the stars and the gems.

I dont see how they could implement AH now, its a shame because AH with events really drove the spending.. I remember selling a judgement bp for £5K mp, the guy had to go and buy mp that second to do it..  IGG lost that mechanism, I'm sure people will buy stuff but the imperative isnt there.  The buzz of getting a bp from a constellation was huge, using skill and your investment in commanders to collect bp's to sell was a huge driver... in effect you can sell to a corp mate for cheap or outside for profit... where is the ability to collaborate... people will just say alts... but it took out real human aspects of the game and killed the Go2 idea of corp..  

The events are boring, no gambling fun to be had, I thought from a business perspective igg had a masterpiece in go2, buying mp to gamble, selling winning to .. errm gamble some more... you wont get gamblers, there is no one to sell to... wow igg did really fk this all up... lol

Ladder is IGL, its as boring as dishwater.... was then is now..

League is boring, the other person isnt on... where is the world chat banter.. its just another button to click thats all. and honor isnt used that much really so 3 times for the 50.

If anyone played evony, spinning the wheel was really exciting... spinning in go2 was dire, this is worse..

3 months in and RP battles are still bugged, holding everyone off for 1 round is tough, so in my book its broken.

Seiges are never going to work, He3 loss is far too high... or you will have to sacrifice fleets for PD weps... resources for losing is such a bullshit idea... the concept wont work.  if we could build space storage for resources, and have 10% go into it then if the enemy can kill that building then they can have the resources but not before, like clash of clans, goblin ships :P  while ur at it make the attacker lose all ships sent and use no he3... there u go clash of clans complete...  though if u lose no he3, its bot time again..

Guild vs guild love/hate wars is a must, find a way... full corp all in 5 day war, winners get 1000 bux and 10% current wealth... put your money where your mouth is... promotes hate, game needs hate. hate ur corp QueenX :P

Saturday night champs is a must... that was fun, promotes competition and fun, we need fun (pray ur not next to kurgy or hero)

Huma chips added a huge variety to the game, bring em back, make em cost CP, put them in the seige scanner.. promotes good builds and tactics

Weekly bonuses for guild rank, either resources or mythic shards, promotes competition and growth

Custom maps with black hole obstacles that slow you down (time dilation and all that) pulsars that drop 50% off shields, and something to add power etc..  or maps where energy weapons dont work, or fluidic space where movement and agility is cut...

Guild to build an artefact to boost building upgrade speed... defend the artefact like an RP except the all portals can be entered, and here we can have first person in has to survive the round in order for the battle to progress....

Seige, commanders die lose exp, they win gain exp.

bigger VIP levels, 500 bux for next level increase values across the board

Alts could be solved by IP address, 5 accounts max to an ip address... pure and simple.. no more than 20-50 people share an ipaddress at anyone time and finding 2 ppl playing on this game from the same ip address is almost impossible.  I could code that up in an afternoon :P.

Posted on 3/25/15 4:07:17 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Alts could be solved by IP address, 5 accounts max to an ip address... pure and simple.. no more than 20-50 people share an ipaddress at anyone time and finding 2 ppl playing on this game from the same ip address is almost impossible.  I could code that up in an afternoon :P.

Wouldn't stop many people. Many people are using phones to play and can use a 3G connection, if they also use bluestacks or any device using their home internet, they will have 2 accounts using 2 different IP addresses. In my country (UK) almost everyone has a dynamic IP address too. 

You might be able to code it in an afternoon, but it wouldn't stop alts. IGG hasn't stopped alts, but they have made it so there's very little to gain by running alts; all you can really do is use them to donate to corp and is it really worth the effort for most people?

I'm also pretty sure that some where in the world you'll find a household that exists where more than 1 person plays and so has the IP address. I've played plenty of games which have siblings in, or some times you'll have a parent and child playing. In fact, I've seen Peggy state in WC that her children also play GO3.

Posted on 3/25/15 4:19:16 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I am against an auction house it will surely be abused and be very detrimental to the game. And the TOS for go3 allows multiple accounts.

Also don't forget about the accounts that just sit in the auction house all day/night running bots and STEALING stuff...

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Posted on 3/25/15 5:50:45 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Auction House has its ups and downs. Bottom line to that would end up being how much of a headache is IGG willing to take for it. I'm highly against it myself.

I'm also against the idea of using useless designs/modules for guild contribution. That would be a massive spike for top guilds with many "older" players.

Salix's specific idea to contribute to guild and let players use contribution for specific items for those as opposed to the crap ships (even crappier with new low costs) would actually be something useful. The entire point to what's there now is to help boost newer players getting better ships than they can grind for or research. What's there now is useless. Donating extra items to the guild would still be a balancing act for those wishing to redeem: get designs/modules now and be short other rewards (exp, resources, etc) or grind it out and level captains at the same time.

I honestly feel that a default way of selling items is required. Useless level 1 gems, designs for ships already fully discovered, etc. Make the prices fair to players in gold, leave it to players to decide whether or not to take the loss on resource exchange. A players junk stays with the player, can't be offed to an alt or beggar.

Posted on 3/25/15 6:17:06 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I think our extra items should be able to be converted into resources, or something useful to the player. I have hundreds of extra BP I will never be able to use. Perhaps relics or free spins on the wheel would be a good conversion?

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Posted on 3/25/15 6:32:11 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

The lack of a trade system hasn't stopped people from having an alt.  I know a few that have multiples already in secondary and even tertiary corps!  Because everyone loves being in the alt corps of an alt corps of a main... @.@  99% of games these days are flooded with them.  You can't stop the machine!

A trade system can become a gamble with risk and proffit.  It can be abused, however it needs a few silly folk to trigger it.  'Sniping', 'Stealing' isnt caused by the fact you have a trade system.  Its there because people lack the foresight to protect their trades and/or cheaper price to corps mate.

I recently sold a Bastion BP on Go2 to a friend for super dirt cheap Gold.  Here's how I protected the sale.  I got the guy to put up a ship for 600mil.  I bought it giving him that cash.  I then sold the Bastion for 600mil.  The tax he paid to get the initial 600 was what I considered the 'Price of the BP'.  Naturally my finance was negative, but it was a worthy friend.

If your trading special high-end items in gold for stupid amounts(anything under 300mil in my books) then its your own fault.  There are always methods to protect the trade, like Shipping Insurance!  I've never been 'sniped' and never will.

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Posted on 3/25/15 9:11:26 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

thx for advices
additional CP for VIP is being considered
useless designs/modules is being considered
all captains in drawing is being considered 
any kind of trade system not