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[Chat (Android)] GO3 vs GO2 and the Auction House effect

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Consider having a community where 10% is rich and 90% is poor. Then, "an external force" (IGG in our case) gives money to the people (resources). The way they are spread to the people is proportionally. So the person who holds the 50% of the community's weath gets 50% of the new money, and so on. What happens is that the difference between the rich and the poor grows exponentially. Although, giving more to the payers is rational for a game, it greatly imbalances it. The only way to balance the players (and as a side effect allow for mutliple game plays) is to introduce a form of exchange between players.

I dont suggest to set up an AH exactly like in GO2. It would be greatly abused. But we could make a trade system that is not abusable (as sieges were made non abusable, at the most part at least). First of all, no ships on any potential TC. Second, no freely selling/buying at any price you want. Prices should be set in prior by IGG and we could only sell at those prices. Also, we shouldnt know whose BPs/shards we are buying. For example, if I want to buy a vet shard, and there are 100 in a pile, I cant know whose shards I am buying.

Anyhow, I think IGG should consider the long term effects of not having a balancing mechanism in the game. It will drive away all non payers sooner or later (sooner if I may guess) because they wont be able to keep up. It will be pointless for me to keep playing after a while. In the same sense that you found ways to not make viable alts in the sieging system, I am sure there are solutions for balancing mechanisms.

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Oh also, and in case IGG is worried that multiple alt accounts will flood the market with SB (which is a possibility), perhaps a new currency could be introduced. This currency will have the exact same capabilities with SB, but in addition it could be used to buy stuff from the market. This currency will only be either from buying it with $ or through the market. SB wont be accepted in the market but can do whatever it can already. This way, it cannot be exploit by alts, simply because alts wont have this new currency unless bought. In addition with pre-set prices, one cannot transfer stuff from main to alt without paying for them with $.

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perhaps a new currency could be introduced

That's the worst idea i've seen on here by a huge margin. Many IGG games (dawn of darkness, GO2s are two of them) have 2 separate currencies. One currency is the one which you buy with $, the other is 'vouchers' and is the one you get for free from daily logins and daily tasks. In GO2s, the free currency couldn't be used to hire captains, couldn't be used for the lottery etc. That's what happens when you have two currencies. But sure, in GO2s you could use the MP for the AH.

You can pretty much guarantee your idea would result in a mass quit from the game.

GO3 is based on and uses the code base of New Era. GO2s had a limited Auction House (you could trade ships & BPs but not captains), which means it's something that has been specifically removed from the game and not something that IGG hasn't got around to or considered adding. 

Ring made it clear, no AH. You're flogging a dead horse, the way in which Ring posted that was a shutdown.

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perhaps a new currency could be introduced

Agreed with salix, though not the worst idea I've ever seen ._. just poor.

A better way to even out the "playing field" is reduced the overall cost of the game. Imagine if a 9* commander only cost $40 and not the hundreds it takes. More people could afford the game and maybe more would spend. Alot more people are willing to spend $20 a month than 7k. So if the the 8k space bux was at $20 instead 100, it would help alot. But as a right now, IGG has priced alot of people out of the game and a few can afford to spend the thousands required.

Expect that this'll happen in the same way that electronics hit the market. Everything is still newish. People still got them $$$ 'cha-ching' to spend. Give it a while and everything will be discounted twice by christmas xD. I'd expect they'll be selling decent star captains for pretty cheap in the future.

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Someone make a space game where alts are necessary and all caps are not just spelling errors when u get it from an AH.

Let us go to places we never been, to do the things we've never done, before u can say I did. Oops again over done.