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[Chat (Android)] IGG sell me your coms

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Posted on 4/12/15 11:02:39 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

After spending well over 200k sb and atleast 120k on drawing coms i still have no maletiz or rayo now if the draws are completely random as igg keeps telling us (yeah lol) am i just extremely unlucky as there are only about 52 coms and they are the only ones i cant seem to draw i would gladly spend sb in a commander store to get one but when i see these low lvl players ( which never talk or answer you in chat) draw them usually a couple every day it just pisses me off.

The Pirate Slayer
Posted on 4/12/15 11:15:06 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

They are completely random, level doesn't effect them. It's just bad luck.

Wainwright, Rayo, Maletiz all have same probability of being drawn. The problem you do have though is that as new captains are added, your odds of drawing Rayo or Matetiz are going to decrease. It is possible to work out the odds...

Posted on 4/12/15 12:06:25 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Just for you Ben, this is what the probability of drawing of either Rayo or Mal is amongst only Legendary captains. The numbers would only be correct if you could only draw Legendary captains because I don't know how to factor Elites, Mystics, Veterans into that probability.  If Elites, Vets, Mystics are factored in, the odds of drawing either Mal or Rayo will massively decrease.

I think it first it works out if you are going to get a Mystic, Legendary, Elite or Veteran based on probability and it's likely to be influenced by something else as you frequently get good runs and bad runs. If it decides you're getting a Legendary from that draw, it will use the table below to work out which Legendary captain you'll get.

Captain Name
Odds of drawing amongst only Legendary captains
AVERAGE number of Legendary draws needed to hire
Jaa-si Leen13.56%8
Knarr Toa6%17
Ike Leon13.56%8

So based on you saying you've drawn 50-60 Yardarms, you've probably drawn around 400-480 Legendary captains. You should have had one by now, you've just been unlucky.

I could be wrong on this as I haven't paid attention, but I don't think i've seen 2 of the same captain when doing a triple draw. It that's true, a triple draw will increase the chance of drawing Maletiz or Rayo.

Posted on 4/12/15 1:06:13 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Lets say they added a new Legendary captain that had the same odds of being drawn as Yardarm, it would reduce the odds of drawing Rayo like this

Captain NameOdds of drawing amongst only Legendary captainsAVERAGE number of Legendary draws needed to hire
Jaa-si Leen11.95%9
Knarr Toa5.29%19
Ike Leon11.95%9
New Captain11.95%9

So if you really want Rayo & Mal, go for them before they add more Legendary Captains. They've already said there's another 50% hire discount coming this month. 

Posted on 4/12/15 8:47:52 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

i keep yardam in 31 day draw lol

singhri is not here?

Posted on 4/12/15 9:53:06 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Another thing of interest... The Legendaries we've had from Daily Task

JanuaryIke Leon
FebruaryKnarr Toa
MarchJaa-si Leen

Probably means Rafia is next.

Posted on 4/13/15 12:24:34 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Maletiz is also used as free rewards in facebook events...

Posted on 5/1/15 12:05:50 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Probably means Rafia is next.

You called it. Spot on. ;)

Posted on 5/1/15 12:38:52 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

lol reminds me of the show 'Erie Indiana

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