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[Chat (Android)] The odyssey of a GO(n)er

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Posted on 5/12/15 12:23:59 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I think first of all IGG needs to make some official statement regarding the game's future. Not dive in details but something general to assure current player base, that the game is having a future. There is controversial info all over the place:

- Nothing really new in the game, except pirates, which is nice compared to the previous bugged misery, but putting comparing aside, this new feature is at best meh. So no real game development here

- Forum is not very vital place anymore, meanwhile we get UI update of the forum. Strange, but at least some development here.

- Something about GO 3 Canada, big fuss, meanwhile Live support is getting ramped down (a very bad sign, though same thing happened in GO 2, still the game goes on as it is)

- Meanwhile people on FB enquire about iOS version, they are getting coming soon, working hard answer for months, but still nothing.

So my point is that we see something is going on, but can't really decide myself, possibly others feel the same, if this is heading towards abandoning the game, or towards radically changing the game as EC said

No comaplin, working hard.
Posted on 5/12/15 3:35:10 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

When they cancel live support, the writing is on the wall...

See you all for go4

Hopefully they give it to the Canada team to dev up, they pretty talented bunch.

Posted on 5/13/15 4:01:26 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

theres a lot to agree with in here. resources being an issue im not sure is a problem. I think there could possibly be some rushed fealing from people.....

In this idea of balance everything touches, keep in mind. So no matter what you use your sb on to 'speed up' some process; you will wait for it later...........or cry wanting it

I'll give the example of how a lot of people like to take advantage of the explo event. This gives you approximately 4.5 days worth of exploration for 100 sb spent (with voyager visa, this equates to ~15 cents to complete the event, and thus most people see it being worth it)....however, you've now lost those 4.5 days worth of res collecting, which (with the diamond vip you probably have) is in line with near 20 mil res total (with lvl 14-17 res collectors, depending on guild bonus) probably enough to fully fund that item you're 'boosting for' by exploring (not to include ships, as you aren't exploring for ship hulls keep in mind). For those done with everything exploring you've beat the game, my eve corp is recruiting (which we've had 2 people from the forum join already! I look forward to more potentials restarting their eve accounts, I'm still offering free plexs to those serious to coming back!), join eve because this game is dead for you, and your money wasted :[ you're probably no longer playing this game for fun, but just because you're in denial of the money you can't get back.....gameshark/game genie kills games for people, sorry that's how buying into a mobile game works :[

So buying most stuff in this game....with the exception of very few things unaffected to res (ie. captains for shards, honor bpo's from market.....because these convert your sb into honor/shards, which isn't related to direct res use)...ultimately makes you want more res....meaning you have to buy res, and feel like you're always short on it

To give at 1769 trophies; with the exception of a few extra days on the end of cap upgrades I've had 3 x builds always going (which the few days at the end of cap upgrade finishing is actually kinda crucial for res saving for future builds, as it also allows you extra res to catch up on bp research). Never purchased a single thing other than a single res fill by accident, and I consistently have a hold of 10-50mil res waiting for advice: use your time wisely, upgrade smartly, and be patient. My cap is 11 days from cc 17, and I have 2 more buildings to upgrade (which I'll start in 2 days because all 3 slots are taken right now) and those will last 7 days each....meaning I have 9 days of res saving to start the next level of buildings when cap upgrade finishes, + extra res for bp's. #WorkinSmarderNotHarder

Could this game potentially be revived.......with live support leaving and the awesome copy paste of ticket

But I'll say the ideas of non-capturable rbp's are excellent and look forward to seeing them in year....along with all the other ideas posted \o/

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