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[Chat (Android)] Did Go3 miss its chance?

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Posted on 5/17/15 7:52:10 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

As we move closer to the six month mark in the Go3 evolution, I can not help thinking about what is going right and wrong with the game.  As a previous go2 player, I had hope and saw some potential for go3 and maybe a fresh start.

      The only way to measure the game is through app analytics.  The ultimate measure would be install and and ratings. 
[th]Installs (estimated):[/th]

* These numbers are no way indicative of actual people playing the game. There is no metric for uninstalls available without paying money. It is called user retention and churn rate. But here is a clue to what can and maybe  happening " As per Flurry data, iOS and Android apps retain 4% of their users at the end of first year (so they loses 96% users in first year itself) so the industry standard is 8% monthly churn rate (you obviously want to target much better than this)."
Rating scores[th]Total ratings:[/th]

[th]Size rank:[/th]

[th]Growth (30 days):[/th]

[th]Growth (60 days):[/th]

[th]Average rating:[/th]

Rating values[th]5 star ratings:[/th]

[th]4 star ratings:[/th]

[th]3 star ratings:[/th]

[th]2 star ratings:[/th]

[th]1 star ratings:[/th]


Less consider 4* and above as good and 3* and below as bad. So that is a customer rating of 72% approval.

28% disapproves and/or not interested. ( By the way, the numbers are tainted as there were rewards for rating go3 as 5 stars. Also bugs and some go2 players resistance to changing to go3 has had a negative affect on the game.)

So the question still exists. How is go3 truly doing and how can it improve? 

         I am sure there are a ton of player suggestions and fixes that could address those issues but I want to hone in on what I think are the major points, which are affordability and content.

    Gamers  understand that games cost money to develop and generally are pleased to pay for good games. So spending money is not the issue but how much they have to spend to maintain or " keep up" is the real issue. No one wants to be "nickel-ed and dimmed" to oblivion. Notice there are always "20% to 30%" deals or spending rebates. Why doesn't IGg just make the price cuts permanent? We can do math IGG also? The number are insane.

  Content and features need to be enticing and yet implemented in such a way so that a player believes it is natural progression. Just adding new items and commanders without story lines and offering clear paths to participate and progress is not working. 

I would like to ask the go3 community to add in ideas focusing on game cost reduction and the smooth implementation of naturally progressing content. 


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Posted on 5/17/15 9:50:51 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Dont forget - significant part of that application ratings are artificially bloated by their game currency bribes, both go3 players and and their other games.

Posted on 5/17/15 3:38:40 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Many companies do a small launch of their game to test and fine tune it before releasing it to big communities like Facebook and other online platforms. I think the current game will change (a lot) before the big show. So no, I don't think this gamr has missed its chance because the real chance hasen't come yet. But if 'this' is 'it' then I don't have very high hopes.
lI think the current game is not complete or balanced.

Posted on 5/17/15 11:45:16 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Agreed, But I believe that gamers are finicky and unforgiving. 

 The reception for go3 seems lukewarm at best. The excitement wore off.  The reviews are reflective of that. Go2 was a mad house when it went to facebook. Go3 has dropped considerably on the most popular games list. I know when I look for a new game, I goto ranking then i read the reviews. If it is not in the top 20-30, I wont even look at it.

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Posted on 5/18/15 7:17:40 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I honestly think that GO3 will do better on PC format as long as they have a better PvP system in place, even if it was still the same as GO2 with planets and a planet map...

I would like to see a GO2 combat game, with commander leveling from GO3 and the pirates system from GO3 (yes I hated it at first but now its grown on me)... I would like to see the system for RBP's that someone suggested guild only activated at certain guild levels, this would mean PvP was real PvP and not based at a planet that cannot be re-enforced. I would like to see the smoothness and graphics simular to FO2 as that ran smooth and fast, but keeping in the ability to end combat earlly. NO auction house, but a trader to turn unwanted BP's and Gems into Honor or Badges would be cool also.

But what do I know lol

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Posted on 5/18/15 10:27:51 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

An improvement on the chat system could help a lot in my opinion. Most of us are driven to a 3rd party chat/social client just to communicate.

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Posted on 5/19/15 10:54:43 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I know this is going to be an unpopular comment... but I think the auction house would actually improve the game. Especially now that you can only do a finite number of fights a day, people need a way to fill time if they want to continue playing. I miss the GO2 days where I could spend 20 minutes searching the auction house for a good deal. That moment where you can buy a 2000mp bp for 600mp was one of the reasons GO2 was so fun (in my opinion.)

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Posted on 5/21/15 4:32:40 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

IGG made the mistake of thinking that go2 would port to mobile in any format... they dropped the ball, they should never have dropped facebook.  Its a dead stick guys.. it failed to excite.  they wont be changing anything now. and without real PVP it cant survive... its a sandbox game thats all, instant resolution of battles is unimaginative... they failed to get that time is a key element in a war game, instant anything is pointless, you have to wait for ships to move to a battle and return..  PVP and guild defense build real commitment, I see no commitment in go3... I played evony and go2 online and loved both... they need to go back to what the problems were in go2 like RBP and fix them into go4 it will rake in 100m if they do that... go3 is dead...

Posted on 5/21/15 7:28:03 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

If I can remember go2 did lose 90% of its players the first year on Facebook also. I believe the highest amount of players was about 605k but by the "expansion" it was down to 50k daily active users. But I also believe that is typical of most online games of this type.

    As far as pvp, it is lacking in go3. However, if you could look back on the early forums of go2, one major complaint was about being farmed out of the game and players losing their ships.  So I think Igg made adjustments to give more players a chance to enjoy it. Not saying it worked. Also about PVP, after the server mergers from lack of activity ( that includes spending), the decoy tactic was employed in its fullest.  And of course the, pile everyone on that planet and wait a month, battles took place. Those too alienated some players. 

    As for mobile gaming, the gaming industry made billions on the mobile platform. It was only natural for IGG to venture there. IGG has actually done well in the mobile arena Clash of lords 2 and castle clash have a loyal following. So porting go3 to mobile would be a natural progression. Again, I am not sure if it worked.

  I played evony and go2 also. Before I quit go2 in November last year, I had over 25 9* divines. So I too enjoyed it. But IGG is about numbers. Mobile platform, even though somewhat limiting, offers that.  IF IGG was after just keeping the current go2 players and tranporting them to go3, they could have easily made a Facebook go3, But they were after new players and new money and wanted to appeal to a wider base of players. Again, whether or not it work is still up in the air. 

  I know what I like about go2 doesn't necessarily equate to a good game for all. I also realize that what I dislike the most maybe the best thing to others.

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