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[Chat (Android)] Advice on Tank Fleets

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Posted on 6/1/15 1:36:18 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

it is possible to make units that repair enough to nullify the majority of the damage from her attacks...couple problems with it though. to permanently tank it, you need enough shield so that she won't hit hull (because you'll eventually lose enough ships slowly enough if she keeps tagging hull that you can't repair enough) this would come in the form of titan shields/saigans. you also need enough repair mods so that you can repair the shield enough every time. Now since you have all these saigans/titans, you now have a ton of you need even more repair mods to repair it all.

All in all, if you make at setup that can tank her, that's all it would be able to do. Chances are though that another/multiple other captains will also be attacking, and without maximum absorption, you will not be able to permanently tank any of these. So by preparing for this one captain, you're now vulnerable to every captain.

Best bets.....put a normal tank to nullify every other captain and hopefully you can kill sandora quickly; or pay/draw for rayo and pay/shard/gem/promote him to death so that sandora won't be able to use her ability on him.

great/cheaper ways to mitigate her ability...have enough captains in your own ranks that turns off enemy captain's abilities for a turn. Alternatively (not a whole lot cheaper, also a bit skeptical, but it probably could work in ladder/league, since so many people use sandora) try to lock her up shooting with the com 'Andrul' and hopefully he's upgraded enough so she can't hit him.

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