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[Chat (Android)] this game is missing a motivation to play

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Posted on 5/21/15 4:21:47 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

GO3 gameplay has changed significantly vs GO2... fullstop... done deal...
However the motivation system doesnt changed and thats a problem! In GO3 we only have RP as a battlefield - thats a core game engine and cant be changed - fine! BUT... the reward is sooo pooore!
my suggestion is - IGG if you cant- by technical reason- roll back to successful gamplay of GO2 than just think on how to adopt a game motivation system to your current technical capacity.
if RP is your only driver make a mind blaming bonus to motivate players fight for it.

Posted on 5/21/15 9:03:20 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I agreed, there is little to no motivation to play.  In my opinion, the weekly championships would be the best feature to implement from go2.  

I dont think that just increasing the rbp bonus bring any benefit. The higher rbps are already highly contested. Only a few guild can take or even hold the higher RBP's.  So they are already changing hands . 

As I suggested in numerous forum posts, the key to the game surviving is making the cost more reasonable and adding more competitive aspects to the game. More metrics like Shoot downs, RBPS taken, overall league record, a better ranking system. People like numbers and getting technical. Features like championships, guild wars, alliances and treaties.

Not playing CC anymore
Posted on 5/23/15 10:56:46 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

IGG even rbp isnt a way forward. i cant see my rbp battle for 4 hrs. your developers are crap igg. no hope....

Posted on 5/23/15 12:12:18 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

igg no chance to talk to u. fck u. no chance for u to get ANY money now