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[Chat (Android)] Resources/NPCs

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Im at ~2000 might for some time now and i see no chance of ever getting up. I cant win ANY real PvP battles vs the other players, they all are several levels above me with at least twice as many and better ships than i have. And ive scanned hundreds or even thousands by now... And there are almost no NPCs whatsoever. I get between 1 and 5 NPCs for an hour of scanning which give only around 100k res each and 4-6 might. I loose 25-30 might each time someone attacks me.

Now i need 7,4 mio gold for the next command center... how am i supposed to get that much. Even if i wait weeks until the res pile up i will loose a lot by getting attacked. This just doesnt add up! Or am i missing something ?

Posted on 5/22/15 2:12:33 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

there's strategy to attacking npc's. if you aren't competitive in your trophy rank, then you'll attacked out of it. So it's not the best idea to attack npc's every time you find them...

then when you're in a trophy rank where you're competitive with other players, you can save the res.

some people will disagree with this no doubt, but this has been at least my own key to success. Realistically, don't worry about trophies, they're useless. NPC's...imagine they pretty much dont exist.

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Posted on 5/22/15 3:25:29 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

There are a few ways to saving up resources without "exposing" them to raids by other players:

1. Don't claim the daily resources reward you get from the Galactic ladder fights. Just let them sit there in the inbox until you need to upgrade something.
2. Don't collect from your resource buildings too often. Click on the resource building and note the limit for each building, then look at your resource generation rate by clicking on the resource icon at the resource bar on top of the screen. This way you can estimate how many days it will take for the resources to hit the limit of each resource building and then only then do you collect.
3. Don't collect the gold from the "Assistance log" of the Shipyard until you really need the gold. Your friends can wait a little for your 1xCP.

Bottom-line: collect the resources only when you want to use them immediately.

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@4970+ medals up to 5001 you used to get NPC every search, just spent 30minutes looking for them and only 3...  I think IGG needs to reset them again or they are not going to be there anymore.

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Posted on 5/22/15 5:40:34 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Ok, i just had over 4 mil gold stored but lost only 100k to the attacker. How is the stolen amount actually determined ?

Collecting res only when needed is not really possible apart from the mail/log stuff. My gold mines can store 560k but i need 7,4 mil for the upgrade, ergo i have to collect at least 5 times which would last almost 5 days at my production rate.

About competition in the rankings... I wouldnt mind dropping back to 1500 or lower, but im not getting attacked enough to really drop. It would still take weeks. So basically, you cant get up or down unless you either wait very long. The NPC system seems kinda odd if there are loads of NPCs on some rankings and about none on others. Is there even a logic behind it ? I already know that they respawn after downtime, so i was able to get ~20 this morning. But most of them were very low on res, between 8k and 100k each.

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More point Trophys are give a chance to bigger NPC. But the Problem is, when you are in higher trophy range the npc be rarer because ever when the NPC a battle lost are decrease the Trophy Points. Then the NPC going to lower Trophy range. The other thing is that you farm from other Player. That is depend from your CC and SS Level. When your CC and SS Level higher you can found from higher Player in Siege and the the player can farm you.

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Posted on 5/22/15 2:13:31 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Ok, i just had over 4 mil gold stored but lost only 100k to the attacker. How is the stolen amount actually determined ?

But most of them were very low on res, between 8k and 100k each.

There's a few things that determine how much res you get from npc's/players.

for npc's: They lose res, and don't really gain res back....pretty much. So over time between resets, their overall res starts to dwindle

for both players and npc's: the 'level/ss level' determines an amount of res you can get from the siege. So take for example against a player, My ss is level 16...if I attack someone with a level 10 ss, I will get significantly reduced res from them, in the order of 20-30k total res. Pretty much no matter how much res they have. But if I had a level 10 ss, and attacked a level 16 ss, I'd get along the lines of 10% of their res (in my case, currently holding 75m res, this would mean walk away with a quick 7.5m-ish res :p) So for npc's consider that since npc's lose trophies similar to players (but never gain) if an npc is knocked into your bracket range from a higher tier, you'll probably be getting proportionally more res from them than the ones that spawned in your range. So those 8k res npc's probably spawned in your range, and the 100k ones were probably knocked down from the tier above you.

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