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[Chat (Android)] i90 cheat codes. [spoiler warnings]

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Posted on 5/24/15 6:00:25 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

So here's at least what I did (note, this is not guarenteed to work for you, however you may be able to improve upon some of this)

22 fleets total, 5 tank fleets [fig 1] with a tiamat 2 (standard) for steering. 17 attack fleets, 10 heat [fig 2] set to highest attack, and 7 magnetic [fig 3] set to closest target (this requires some toying around with ships movement and initial placement to make sure you kill the first couple of db/guardian fleets that come close on the first turn).

a single tank fleet sat in the front row (placement wise, on the initial starting positions) with a special front line of tanks [fig 4] to absorb the first shots from the close db's. the rest in the front row were attack ships. This makes it so the db's attack this specific tank fleet with the special front line of anti-db tanks, while the rest of the ranged ships (missile/sb) shot over to the tank behind it (larger, better interception fleet).

I don't have niet-khuul, rayo, or maletiz.....>.> on this account. So if you have those, you're already better off. My largest tank fleet is shabasti with 10.8k, the rest have 9k (except kageion has 5.6k....lvl 37, 2* don't laugh)

Other tidbits of how this went down/judging if you're ready for it:
---tech: damage mitigation - level 1
---2 comms were under lvl 45
---time and patience, watching the movements and seeing how/where you may need to reposition a few specific fleets/tanks.
---all custom hulls are lvl 1

fig 1. [SPOILER]

fig 2. [SPOILER] (note: different guns are fit to maximize attack/fitting, the choice was either 1 extra gun, or 2 of the slightly worse ones....which provides more damage overall)

fig 3. [SPOILER]

fig 4. [SPOILER]

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Posted on 5/25/15 5:08:59 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Yippeeee, got past i90 by tweaking my fleets with your suggestions above. I got past with total 20 fleets which consists of 3 tank fleets - Niet Khuul, Maletiz and Heloyce, 7 Mag glass fleets and 10 Heat glass fleets. only 1* though.

Posted on 5/26/15 6:58:17 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

agreed. strategy for 91 seems straight forward, kill guards/db and absorb ballistic damage. my level 1 customs might be ending their time though. even with optimized hull and maximum mods, still have the tanks ever so slowly killed....but fast enough for them to turn the tables and start killing my attacking fleets before being finished off.

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Posted on 6/12/15 5:30:44 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Any luck with i95? I think I'm just not packing enough fleets or firepower.

Posted on 6/12/15 10:06:53 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

still on i91 ._. haven't tried it for near 3 weeks. gearing up to give it a shot here soon as im 3 days away from final elite mission tier for laser weapons.

Also, still using lvl 1 customs ._.

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