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[Chat (Android)] Advice on running a guild

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Posted on 5/25/15 3:37:54 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

So I have a guild... "DBagUnited" *shameless plug*. But I only have 4 members (rl friends). I'd really like to grow, but I feel like guilds are a dime a dozen, and no one has interest in joining one unless they are a top 10 guild with several RBP's. Does anyone have any advice on how to promote/grow a guild?

Guild: DBagUnited
We are always welcoming new members and we don't require any donations (although they are always appreciated!)
Posted on 5/25/15 4:20:47 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I started mine not long ago, I did invest alot of res into it and have donated over 35k points to get it started and moving along...  I had trouble getting people in until I got my first RBP and then people started to join, then I got another and more came...  some people leave when I loose them but most stay and I always get more RBP's when I can be bothered...

I keep my guild open to all, only rules are you must donate 40 a day and not go inactive for more than 5 days...  I also ask that people who can help with the pirates do so, this works well and people chip in when they can...

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Posted on 5/25/15 8:02:55 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I think that there are too many Guilds for the real number of members in GO3. Why would anyone have his own Guild. Is not it better before to gain experience in an active Guild? The advantage of a Guild has yet to share experiences and opportunities. And sure, there are always members see only their own advantage and are only there where they get the most. Away But if you consistently sets up rules and then consistently implemented and members do not keep in mind is to get over time a deep-rooted community. A good Guild is only as strong as the lead. So is the Question want you only many members or do you want a long-lasting and well-organized community.

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Posted on 5/25/15 9:29:01 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

You have to be able to offer people something when they join their guilds. For big guilds that's easy - RP bonusses. Try to teach people how to play, exchange strategies etc. If you don't have anything real to offer then don't bother starting a guild. You can still have fun with your friends in another guild, don't worry about that :)

Posted on 5/25/15 9:52:29 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

This is actually a tricky question. Well it depends totally on the disposition of the go3 game. IF the game is vibrant  and things are going on, it should be easy to stock your guild with players. (For example Iam in a clan in clash of clans, that we lose most of our wars, but we have fun and things are happening all the time). 

However if the game is slow, it would be easier to find a few dedicated players who are willing to help get the guild noticed. For example a few players who be in the Top of league and ladder. People will see your guild. Which will make it easier to recruit. 

But I fear, go3 will be just like go2. Active players will eventually consolidate into a few guilds and that will be it.

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Posted on 5/25/15 12:27:43 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

i thing later in the game at will be how in GO2, 2 biggest group have a big war. Its normaly for a game. The player will have fun and war is the best fun for this Gamer. Then we have a group Gamer the be new or not big the will building the owner account. The most from those Player are f2p Gamer. When you have a goal and that goal is the same what have a group of player here you have a good chance for a Guild the is for a long time.

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Posted on 5/30/15 1:03:53 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

#1.  Be different.  Try to offer something the other, bigger guilds don't have.
#2.  Do something insane.  If you cause an upset, like stealing/breaking a defended RP from 2012 for example(please dont!!), your status would increase a little and help with recruitment.
#3.  Become friendlier to a larger guild.  They will typically receive 2-3 people a day wanting to join them!  If they are acceptable we'll take them.  If they are borderline, we'll send them to our sub.  Anything below that and we might suggest a few other places they can try.  It wouldn't make you into a sub or filter.  I've sent a few players off to guilds that are hostile towards us, simply because they wont be accepted here and those enemy guilds are actually more suitable.
#4 Quit your guild and consolidate into another.  There are many guilds who are active but like yourself, have 3-4 people.  consolidate a few into one and you'll have lots of members and more ability to play.  Takes a lot of talking and kid-drama to achieve.

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Posted on 6/3/15 12:24:16 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

To be 100% honest you and your friends would be much better off joining a more active and progressed guild. That's not saying it's completely impossible or a bad idea for you guys to stay there but, you'll have to figure out your long term goals in the game individually and as a group. Do you want to chill at casual status or do you want to be more actively involved in guild/planet efforts? Do you want to work through it on your own or are you willing to throw down with others?

If you're ready for action and to step up the game now without drudging through the new players hoping to find active members, join a top/active guild (doesn't have to be top 10, there's several more casual yet active guilds in top 30ish). This will get you to any higher/end-game goals (such as attacking/defending planets and being involved in the power struggles). This is also where you'd learn a ton about the game.

If you guys are really adamant about having your own guild to run and build it from scratch, stay there and work through it. The 2 biggest "selling points" are activity and rank. Resource planets are just "proof" of activity in the galaxy as well as helping to boost ranking. It's tough but doable... just requires a lot of extra "footwork."

PS: I rarely see any guild recruiting from you guys in World Chat. ;)

Posted on 6/12/15 6:21:25 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I'm going to be honest , why join a new guild when you can benefit from so much more in a better one. Better your selves while helping others.