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[Chat (Android)] Battleships OP ?

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Posted on 6/2/15 1:11:03 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey guys,

i just started researching custom blueprints and are currently going for cruisers, using Helenas first. But i noticed the higher i get in the Rankings that more and more people are using Battleships. Then i checked the top 50 players and they are using like 80-90% Battleships, with the occasional frigate for tanking and a cruiser here and there. 

Why is that ? Shouldnt Frigate fleets kill all those pesky Battleships pretty easily, by having an advantage and everything ? It looks like they dont and Battleships are op, cause otherwise we would see a lot of people using Frigates to counter the shitload of Battleship fleets.

Posted on 6/2/15 1:30:48 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Battleships have room for more modules so they can have more firepower/shields. The frigate > battleship bonus doesn't counter this at all.

In GO2 this was compensated with different effective command-sizes for different ship types. You could have more frigates then you could have cruisers/battleships. That is gone in GO3 so the natural choice is battleships.

Posted on 6/2/15 2:54:56 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Yeah, i know they had different stacksizes in GO2. But i thought they might have improved Agility, Critchance, Steering, Precision or whatnot to make them on par with battleships.

Cruisers themselves seem to be ok, though. They have only slightly less place for modules, but have some good secondary stats. But with friagates beeing bad, there is no purpose to use cruisers... cause they suck vs battleships. GG IGG?! :D

Posted on 6/3/15 12:03:33 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I'm not saying it's technically balanced but, Frigates do have the extra critical chance as well as higher agility (harder to hit). I see battleships get popped almost as often as Frigates, they're fat and have no choice but to bend over and take a missile in the weak points. It still leans more toward the battleships though.... but at a hell of a cost difference. Check the He3 costs, Tiamats are burnin' coal like there's no tomorrow.

I think overall it's close to balanced but, new ships would need to be added with different hull types throughout to be a better judge. What we have is very limited, and the hull type damage calculations don't really leave too much for Frigates to be awesome in more roles than their hull allows.

Posted on 6/6/15 7:04:38 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I noticed that only a few captains have the Battleship skill. Most of them got Cruisers followed by frigates and still i only see Battleships everywhere. Maybe people are just overusing them at the moment, but it makes everybody think twice about using cruisers. Trying to fight battleships with a cruiser fleet is just a big pain in the ass and even though Cruisers are doing fine vs most the of the missions, im thinking about switching to a battleship hull for now.

Posted on 6/6/15 10:08:26 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I did. The argument still stands. Not many captains have a bonus for battleships. For example there is no veteran captain at all with a battleship bonus, 4 Elites, 6 legendary and 3 mythic. There are 51 captains with cruiser bonus...

Another important thing i cant find anywhere. How big are the boni/penalties for frigate/cruiser/battleships. How much less damage do i inflict when attacking a cruiser with a friagte ? How much more when attacking a battleship ? I only see that there is some kind of rock paper scissor system, but i cant find any numbers.