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[Chat (Android)] Commander Draws

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Posted on 6/4/15 4:25:58 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Dear IGG,

I decided to do a little test and so over a period I drew 50 commanders to see what I got from them as I still do not have the elusive Maletiz or Rayo this could be an oppotunity to maybe be lucky and get one of them...

I expected to get at least a few purple shards from this to make it worth the SB's, but was completely wrong!!

I got 49 green commanders that turned into shards and 1 blue commander that turned into shards... this is wrong in my opinion...  would be great to know the odds of pulling each commander by level (green, blue or purple). I believe these have to be puplished by law as you have to represent the odds as real money is involved...  You have once before said that there is an equal chance to get rayo, maletiz as any other purple, this seems to be a complete lie....

Seriously spending SB's at a rate of 280 for 30 green shards is a con and is going to be the determinating factor that will drive so many awat from the game...  Its already over priced for most looking at the state of economies, but to con people with such low draw rates seems wrong and maybe unlawful.

So please publish or show where we can find out the % rates of draw chances, I know other games have done this when asked and these have been checked. I know for a fact if this is wrong google and apple apps will remove the app from the market.

Your Mod

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Posted on 6/4/15 5:50:31 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Its how IGG roll, no value for money

Posted on 6/4/15 10:47:22 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

being a fanatic of games that aren't p2w...i feel like it's a bit irrelevant, and hearing things like this rekindle my interest in fact >.>

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Posted on 6/6/15 1:51:10 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I agree. Hiring is as horrible as drawing was in go2. I believe the rates have been somewhat data mined already.

Whatever the rates, I am sure they would be more tolerable if the Cost was permanently cut by 75%  and/or a better exchange ratio. Set maybe to 4 to 1 instead of 6 to 1. 

Go3 android may have already reached its maximum possible profit. IOS will hit its maximum pretty quick also. Unfortunately for IGG, mobile gamers play both platforms. The concerns and issues will carry over to IOS.

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