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[Chat (Android)] planet defences

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Posted on 6/26/15 7:10:19 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I don't know about everyone else but I'm tired of racing for rpbs. I don't find enjoyment out of it what so ever. how is your guild goin to learn New tactics if u don't even try. I understand you can't DEFEND all your planets but at least one even if it only a few fleets. I know my GUILD finds excitement out watching ppl attack our defended planets. so please help me bring more excitement to the game pick a planet try and defend get your GUILD talking and work together to learn New things. I challenge all the GUILD who currently hold a planet and just try and DEFEND even if you know u won't hold it how else you going to know if you built. good ship Or not if you don't test agAinst someone else's. isn't that the whole point of the game anyways. as messed up IGG can be I don't think they intended us to race for planets. I mean they even put a b.s.  cap on the attackers that can enter to give you a better chance. so help me out spread the word and DEFEND your olanets.

Posted on 6/27/15 12:57:45 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

if you don't find enjoyment in anything other than planet battles.....this game is not for you >.>

planet battles are agonizing to watch. at least a race is over in the first 5 seconds....or maybe if it's somehow close, 15 minutes.

3-36 hours of people mashing each other with guns, and nobody actually has physical control over their ships for legitimate placement strategy.......pass.

race, race, race.'s funny to successfully intercept someone trying to trade a planet if you're lucky/have spai's >.>

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Posted on 6/27/15 7:44:26 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Some guilds do defend RBPS. But a guild needs to have active and sufficiently advanced players to hold the RBP.

There are a few issues with RBPs.
- Supposedly, more than the cap of fleets seems to cause some technical issues. 
- No cap allows the attackers to send endless attacks and also allows the attacker to win through attrition. ( Will I defend an RBP and tie up my commanders for something I am going to lose anyway.) 
- Also then why upgrade the rbp?
- Smaller guild can not amass the firepower to hold the rbps. So they need more players, but players wont join unless they can hold an rbp. The only real measurement of a successful guild. Vicious circle there. 
- Alts are legal. Why try to wrangle up players in my guild from different countries and time zones. When I can just trade it with my alt guild. I still keep in the hands of the alliance and I am still benefiting from its bonus. 

I am sure a few guilds maybe capable of defending more than one rbp but I don't believe it is the most efficient way( at less at this moment) to play Go3. 

Go2 RBp situation was/is the same way. Too time consuming, tedious and costly to defend the rbp. Much more efficent to swoop them with an alt guild or ally.

Go3 has same features, same mechanics and same developer philosophy as go2. We cant reasonably expect a different outcome.

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