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[Guide] My Tactics: Guides to beating Missions.

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Posted on 1/24/15 6:28:14 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

This is a guide for beating missions, bust most of the stuff apply to all kinds of battles. The outcome of any battle depends on five things; quantity of ships, quality of ships, strategy, tanks and luck. Well, luck we cannot control so lets go through the other 4.

1. Quantity of ships
This is the brute force kind of thing, i.e. the more is stronger than the less. To maximize quantity there is a few things you can do.

  • Have more fleets. Upgrading your space station will allow you to get more fleets, so more ships
  • Leveling your commanders will open extra slots in the formation so a fleet with a high level commander can have more ships. Each commander starts with 3 slots. Extra slots open at commander level 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 and finally at level 45 where you get a full 9 slot fleet. To level your commanders do instances; the higher the level of the instance the more the experience your commanders gain.
  • Promote your commanders. Higher * commanders can deploy more ships per slot. So for example a 1* veteran has 300 ships per stack whereas a 3* has 500.
  • Type of commander. Mythics can have more ships per slot than a legendary, and so on (yellow>pink>blue>green)

2. Quality of ships
While having more ships always helps, they have to be good ships too to defeat an instance. So try  to discover new ships at the research facility. Some tips about what to prefer:

  • In general, I prefer ships with high agility (frigates) for instances. They last longer and thats useful when the instances typically overpower you lots.
  • Another reason for selecting frigates in this game is the tanks. So far our only tank is devourer, a frigate. Most instance fleets so far (i ve only reached to 61, so I dont know if this is true also for later instances) are targeting highest hull. If your attacker ships are battleships for example, it will not be easy, if possible at all, to make a tank of devourers (frigates) that will draw the firepower on it, since your attackers will become highest hull instead,
  • If you havent had the chance to get magistral ship, sparrow is a good way to start; cheap and can upgrade easily. If you plan on speeding up things with sb (especially by buying resources), daybreaks is a better but way more expensive choice (2+m metal and he3 just for level two) and have high/expensive level requirements (unlocking level 2 daybreak requires lvl 10 research facility, which requires lvl 10 capital)

3. Strategy
Strategy is not very easy to exploit in this game because of the way its built. It will become easier (maybe) when custom builds of ships arrive. Nevertheless, here is the things you can do:

  • Study your opponent. Open the mission, see your enemy fleets, the way they are setup in space, the way you are set up in space, their targetting, their hull types and their weapons.
  • If you had all ships leveled up to max or custom builds were available, a wise choice would be to use ships with hulls that can stand the opponent's weapons (e.g. if they use explosion damage then use nano hull) and with weapons that can hurt mostly their hulls (e.g. if they use nano armor use magnetic damage).
  • Position your fleets in such a way that the instance fleets will not hit you from the sides or behind. There is a a formation penalty you dont want (the one that Heloyce removes)
  • Set your fleets to target first the opponent fleets that seem more harmful (usually understood after watching the 1st battle that u lost). For example, if you see the opponents bali ships destroying your fleets, set your attackers to min attack.
  • See what your opponent is targeting (click on their fleets) and make a tank (when custom builds open)

4. Tanks
I have already talked about the tanks previously. For now, our only option is devourers. If you opponent is targetting min attack devs can do it, since they have no weapons. If your opponent targets max hull, make sure your devourers are max hull by using frigates for the rest of fleets, using a higher star commander for ur tank and using a high hull middle for your tank fleet (e.g. Tiamat). Playing with the number of the ships and the middles you can make most of the tanks with devourers (probably with the exception of max attack tank). So, see the opponent's setting and make your devourer fleet meet the requirements. (Note: this of course applies if your devourer is researched enough to be better than your attackers. For example, devourer 1 are worst tanks than magistral 3)

I hope it helps!

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Awesome post, thanks :)