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[Guide] my tactics: guides to beating missions

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Heya, EC here with my submission for the Advanced Commander Tactics Event. IGG ID: 206647220

I picked this topic because I think I know more about this topic then about the others. Also I dont want to share all guild secrets when it comes to RP defence ;)

Enemy fleet target priorities

Every instance holds different enemy fleets. You can check out the details of these fleets by clicking on them. Click the SM you want to run, select the fleets you want to send in but don't click 'start battle' just yet. Scroll around to see what fleets you'll be up against.
You can see what their target priorities are and what shiptypes are in those fleets. 

ship- and damage types

Each ship has different kind of armor and weapons. There are certain weapon/armor conbiations that will help you deal the maximum ammount of damage. To see the details about every weapontypeshiptype and armortype, check here, here and here. So for example, if the enemy has fleets with Red Dawn Rocket (explosive damage type) weapons coming at you, you can counter those with ships that have nano armor since explosive dmg does only 50% damage verus nano armor.
This could mean you have to build a specific ship type to beat a specific mission. For that matter, keep your ships even if they are not newest of their kind. You could need them again later. Try to improve your ships at the Research Facility so your ships become tougher and deadlier.

Fleet placement and direction

The placement of fleets is also important. You will want to have your tanky meatshields upfront and your glassy assaultships in the back. You can affect the order in which fleets are placed by deselecting all fleets, then put in the fleets you want up front first. One by one your fleets will be placed and this way you determine which fleet goes where.
You can also turn your fleets so they face a certain direction. Attacks from the flanks or rear can do extra damage so you want to avoid that. Before going into battle, check where the enemy fleets are and turn your fleets accordingly to face them. You can turn your fleets at the 'defences' section of your base (it's where your space base is located). Click on a fleet to turn it and voila.


Every captain has his/her special skill. Check what skill you think comes in handy in a specific mission. If you need a captain to command tanky fleets, go with captains that have good defensive skills like Maletiz, devi Sounten, Heloyce, Maletiz, Knarr Toa or Niet-Khuul. Give those captains gems that boost the stats that's related to their skill to help them perform even better. For instance, Niet-Khuul his skill is affected by Evasion so give him Evasion gems.
Of course, it also helps to level up your captains so they can carry more stacks. Giving them star promotions helps them carry bigger stacks and gives their attributes a boost so they become even deadlier.

Tanks and glass

Tank fleets are fleets that can take a lot of damage. Devourer with its high agility is a good example of a tank ship. Put your tank fleets up front so the enemy fleets with break their teeth as they try to break down that tough fleet. In the mean time, your glass (= strong attack, weak defence) fleets rain havoc on the enemy fleets. Good glass ships are (for instance) Magistar and Shadow Guardian. Keep in mind the weapon/armor combinations when setting up your fleets!

Observe and learn

Even tho it's tempting to click 'end battle' as quickly as possible, it can be a good idea to watch the battle progress and see what's actualy going on. This helps if you can't get a 3* rating on a mission (which enables auto-raid). You can adjust target priority, attacking distance, fleet configuration, captain asignments, gem dedication and fleet placement accordingly.

More is better

As mentioned above, higher (star) level captains can carry more ships. But there is another way to send in more ships to do battle. Simply upgrade your space station by 1 level and you can send in 1 extra fleet.

Basic tactic 1 - the goosechase

A good basic tactic is what I call the goosechase. Set all your fleets minus your tank fleets to attack nearest at max range and make sure they have at least 5 range (like magistar). Make 2 or 3 tank fleets with Devourer in the outer slots and 1 stack of Tiamats in the center. Set the tank fleets to min range and max attack power. What will happen is that the tanky fleets dive straight into the enemy fleets while your glassy fleets stay well clear of the enemy fleets. The tanks attract enemy fire because a lot (not all!) of enemy fleets target nearest fleets.
With this tactic, it helps to select a fast (high initiative) defensive commander. Give him/her some flash gems to make him/her go even faster. The sooner the tanky fleet is in the middle of the enemy fleet, the better.

Basic tactic 2 - hit and run

Build fleets with long range weapons (shuttle weapons!). Set them for max range and closest target. Your fleets will pick off the enemy fleets from a safe distance. Don't forget to put in some tank fleets to keep off any fast enemy fleets. You could consider equiping all fleets with a front row of Devourers to ease the damage in case the enemy gets to you.

Learn from your friends and fellow commanders

Thanks to the guild I'm in and tutorials I learned a lot about tactics. You can try to figure everything out for yourself but why not ask your fellow commanders? Go to the facebook page or check other topics at this forum to learn as much as you can. Or read the wonderful and loving comments below! It's good to keep asking and checking because new content get's releashed all the time that change the battlefield.

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Awesome work! =)

You know you are awesome when people you don't even know hates you!