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[Guide] Introducing Weapon and Damage Types

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Posted on 12/29/14 9:11:53 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Every weapon packs a unique punch. Strategize your attack with the kind of damage you can deal. The best commanders know their weapons like the back of their hand and so should you!
Here's a cheat sheet that gives you the lowdown on each weapon model, type, and damage.

Weapon NameWeapon TypeDamage Type
105mm GatlerBallistic WeaponHeat
105mm CannonBallistic WeaponImpact
155mm GatlerBallistic WeaponHeat
155mm HowitzerBallistic WeaponImpact
130mm VulcanBallistic WeaponHeat
155mm CannonBallistic WeaponImpact
Chain LightningBallistic WeaponHeat
RailgunBallistic WeaponImpact
AP VulcanBallistic WeaponHeat
CannonstropheBallistic WeaponImpact
SalamanderBallistic WeaponHeat
Chaos BoltBallistic WeaponImpact
DeathhowlBallistic WeaponHeat
WidowmakerBallistic WeaponImpact
TempestBallistic WeaponHeat
Judgment-IBallistic WeaponImpact
BloodspurBallistic WeaponHeat
Shooting StarBallistic WeaponImpact
Laser CannonEnergy WeaponHeat
EM CannonEnergy WeaponMagnetic
Particle CannonEnergy WeaponHeat
Plasma CannonEnergy WeaponMagnetic
Photon CannonEnergy WeaponHeat
EM RailgunEnergy WeaponMagnetic
Radium CannonEnergy WeaponHeat
Proton CannonEnergy WeaponMagnetic
Phaser CannonEnergy WeaponHeat
Gamma CannonEnergy WeaponMagnetic
Phenom CannonEnergy WeaponHeat
Tomahawk RailgunEnergy WeaponMagnetic
LightspearEnergy WeaponHeat
GodsfistEnergy WeaponMagnetic
AvalancheEnergy WeaponHeat
HeartstopperEnergy WeaponMagnetic
Phantom RayEnergy WeaponHeat
Scorpion StingEnergy WeaponMagnetic
VLR RocketMissile WeaponExplosive
Missile CannonMissile WeaponExplosive
Red Dawn RocketMissile WeaponExplosive
Cluster BombsMissile WeaponExplosive
Mach V RocketMissile WeaponExplosive
HD RocketMissile WeaponExplosive
Tactical NukeMissile WeaponExplosive
HD CruiserMissile WeaponExplosive
Strategic NukeMissile WeaponExplosive
HD SeekerMissile WeaponExplosive
Sub-space BombMissile WeaponExplosive
RagnarocketMissile WeaponExplosive
HellfireMissile WeaponExplosive
DoomsdayMissile WeaponExplosive
Moby's RevengeMissile WeaponExplosive
WipeoutMissile WeaponExplosive
ShadowflareMissile WeaponExplosive
Red CometMissile WeaponExplosive
Tri-Ion FighterShuttle WeaponImpact
Tactical RobotShuttle WeaponMagnetic
Phantom ThreatShuttle WeaponHeat
Assassin RobotShuttle WeaponExplosive
SpacestalkerShuttle WeaponExplosive
Guerilla WingShuttle WeaponHeat
Bird of PreyShuttle WeaponMagnetic
HawkeyeShuttle WeaponImpact
DogfighterShuttle WeaponMagnetic
ManticoreShuttle WeaponHeat
Razor WingShuttle WeaponExplosive
Pandora RobotShuttle WeaponImpact
Pallas FighterShuttle WeaponExplosive
GuardianShuttle WeaponImpact
SentinelShuttle WeaponMagnetic
PraetorianShuttle WeaponHeat
Dark SpecterShuttle WeaponMagnetic
Chronus WingShuttle WeaponHeat


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Posted on 12/30/14 11:05:45 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

is there planetary weapons?

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Posted on 2/2/15 5:19:33 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Whats different between Damage Types? Are'nt they already a damage?

Heat, Magnetic, Impact, Explosive

I meant why there are different Damage Types? Whats Benefits? Differents?

Are they like Earth, Water, Wind, Fire elementals?

Posted on 2/2/15 5:40:04 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Damage Armor Dynamics

Chrome  Nano  Neutronium  Composite  Masterwork  
Impact 75%100%150%50%16%
Magnetic DMG  100%150%55%75%16%

PS: Masterwork is the type of armor what is use by the Space Station and defence block and weapons. 

Posted on 2/3/15 5:09:07 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

This kind things always confused me. I always feel i missed somehings. :) Ty for information.

Posted on 2/11/15 5:52:24 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Radium cannon ? this not exist i see Rayden cannon ...

Go1 played, Go2 Played ... and Go3 play now!! come here people
Posted on 2/12/15 12:09:01 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

this is really helpfull.. thank you kind sir..

death is your only salvation
Posted on 2/13/15 11:48:15 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

It would be more helpful if there was a column regarding where these BPs can be found (i.e. Mission 1, Elite 2 etc) and where they are used and how many of them (e.g. devourer 10, 300).

Also what Rocky said, there are a lot weapons/bps (like planetary) that are not used anywhere, not even at custom. Why are we getting those, are they to be added on additional ships/customs?

Posted on 2/13/15 12:01:04 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I had actually started a chart Using info I have Gathered, but it is not complete yet. ;)

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Posted on 2/16/15 7:22:08 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

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