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[Guide] Galaxy Online 3 FAQs

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1. What role does the Commander's level play? How do I level up quickly?
The higher the level of your Commander, the more your Capital building can be upgraded. As you upgrade your Capital, you can unlock more buildings and upgrades. You'll also be able to construct new buildings, upgrade existing buildings, and research new Sciences. 

2. How do I get more resources quickly?
You can upgrade your resource production buildings to improve their production rates, as well as research related Sciences. You can also run Missions, lay Siege on other players to steal their resources, or simply buy resources from the Mall using Space Bux.

3. What are the types of Captains out there? How do I hire them?
Captains are split into several Classes: Veteran, Elite, Legendary, and Mythic. You can hire Captains from the Academy, generate them using Relics, or hire them from the Mall using Medals.

4. How do I decide which Captain to use? How do I raise the Captain's level and their Rank?
Your fleet will determine which type of Captain is the most suitable. For example: A "Guardian" type Captain with defense-oriented abilities would pair best with a fleet that functions as a "tank."
Captains can earn Experience Points (EXP) from completing Missions,laying  siege in battles, occupying resource planets, and defending bases against Corsairs. You can promote Captains and increase their Ranks by consuming Star Shards earned by converting duplicate Captains, generating them with Relics, or winning them from Galactic Gifts and Log-in rewards. You can also earn Star Shards by completing Elite Missions. Captains' primary attributes can also be increased by inlaying them with Gems.

5. What are the benefits of increasing a Captain's level and Rank?
You can raise your Captains' levels to unlock fleet stacks where you can deploy ships and increase the Captains' primary attributes. You can increase your Captains' Ranks to increase the their attribute growth rate and the number of ships they can command in a fleet.

6. How do I get Designs for ship frameworks and modules?
You can earn Designs at random by completing Missions and undertaking Exploration Events. You can also buy them from the Black Market and the Mall using Honor or Medals.

7. How do I go about manufacturing ships and assembling fleets?
To manufacture ships, enter the Ship Factory and select the ships you wish to build. Producing them will consume a certain amount of Gold, Metal, and Plutonium. It will take some time to complete.
To assemble a fleet, tap "Fleets" on the main interface to enter the "All Fleets" interface. Tap any fleet icon to begin assembling or modifying a fleet.

8. What are the main functions of the buildings on my planet?
1) Capital: Control the construction and upgrade limits of other buildings.
2) Guild Office: Create or join a Guild and access Guild features.
3) Science Institute: Research new Sciences and increase research speeds.
4) Academy: Hire and Generate Captains or buy items using Relics.
5) Trade Center:  Buy high-value items from the Black Market or buy Plutonium and Metal using Gold.
6) Ship Factory: Manufacture war ships for battle.
7) Research Facility: Research new technology, upgrade existing technology, and discover new blueprints.
8) Hangar: Repair destroyed ships or scrap ships in exchange for resources.
9) Radar: Scan surroundings for resource-rich player bases which you can lay Siege to and raid for resources. 

9. What is a Space Station? What are the various defense buildings I can build for my base? What does each one do?
1) Space Station: Your primary defense structure. As your Space Station's level increases, new defense buildings will be unlocked. The limit to the number of defense buildings will also increase. Tap Defenses to enter the Space Station.
2) Other Defense Buildings
* Barricade: Basic defense structures. Creates an impassable obstacle against enemy ships until it's destroyed.
* Particle Cannon: A weapon that attacks a single fleet every Round.
* Hydra Cannon: A weapon that targets and inflicts damage on a single fleet every Round, as well as fleets around the target.
* Thor's Cannon: A weapon that deals damage to every fleet within shooting distance every Round.

10. What are Command Points (CP)? How do I get them?
CP replenish over time. You earn some when you log in every day and when you complete a Mission for the first time. You can also buy CP using Space Bux.

11. What are the different Mission types? What can you earn from Standard, Elite, Challenge, and Exploration Missions?
1) Standard Missions: You can earn blueprint scraps of basic hulls, weapons, modules, and resources from Standard Missions.
2) Elite Missions: These are more challenging than Standard Missions. You can earn Star Shards and blueprint scraps of rarer items from Elite Missions.
3) Challenge Missions: Depending on the day of the week, you can earn Medals, Relics, or Gems from Challenge Missions.
4) Exploration: Explore the various Constellations and earn blueprints of ships, weapons, and modules.

12. What is VIP? What are the benefits? How can I become a VIP?
VIP is used to reference players who enjoy additional in-game benefits.
Become a VIP to win the following benefits: increased resource production, bonus EXP for Captains, faster science upgrades, increased drop rate in Challenge Missions, bonus Honor from League, increased construction speed, free Auto-Raid attempts, more AP purchases, more Elite Mission resets, more Construction Slots, free Badges each day, double Sign In rewards, and many more.
To become a VIP, tap "VIP" and buy your membership with Space Bux.

13. What are Gems for? How do I obtain them? How are they equipped?
Gems can increase the Captain's or Fleet's attribute. Earn Gems from Challenge Missions. win them in Galactic Gifts, and buy them from the Mall.
To equip Gems, enter the "Captains" interface. Select a Captain, then tap "Gems" to equip a Gem of your choice.

14. How do I add a friend? How do I send mail to my friends?
In the main screen, expand the menu. Follow these steps:
1) Tap "Friends."
2) Tap "Search."
3) Enter the player's IGG ID.
4) Tap "Search" to its right to send a friend invite.
You can also add players through the rankings by expanding the menu, tapping "Rankings," and tapping the portrait of any player.
To send mail, tap the envelope icon on the left of the main interface, tap the "Compose" tab, and tap "Select Friend." Enter your message and tap "Send" when you're finished.

15. How do I join a Guild? What are the benefits of joining one?
A Guild Office must be built before you can join a Guild.
Players in a Guild will be able to trade for powerful ships using Contribution points and enjoy resource bonuses.

16. How do I raid other players?
After a Radar has been built, tap "Scan" to search for players to raid.

17. How do I take part in battles for Resource Planets?
Only players in a Guild can fight for Resource Planets. If you're in a Guild, follow these steps:
1) Enter the Guild Office and tap "Guild Battle."
2) Tap "Fight for Resource Planet."
3) Select a contested Resource Planet and tap "Attack Resource Planet."

18. How do I join Here Be Pirates?
Once the Deputy has initiated Here Be Pirates, Guild members can tap the notice in "Guild Chat" to join the battle.

19. What are Badges and Honor? What are they for?
Honor is a currency that can be earned by from Captain recruitment, signing in, League matches, and Here Be Pirates. Honor can be exchanged for ship and module blueprints from the Mall of Honor.
Badges can be earned from Challenge Missions, signing in, Mall Achievements, and Galactic Gifts. Badges can be exchanged for Legendary Captains, blueprints of powerful ships, and modules from the Badge Store.

20. What are Relics? What are they for? How do I get them?
Relics can be earned from Challenge Missions, signing in, Galactic Gifts, and Mall Achievements. Relics can be used at the Academy to generate Captains.

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How to replenish fleet to defence space station?

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What is the requirements to upgrade space station? Why is it not written in the guide lines?

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regarding #18, only the General can initiate pirates I believe.

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Where is the badge store?

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you really need to make a detailed wiki site for this game

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What is the level cap on commanders in GO3?

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^lol I was just about to ask that in a different thread. Also what's building lvl cap? I know some will be different- like Academy, but at least for the Capital & SS.

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How do I unbind my kids go3 account from my email account?

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where are my fleets the battle in rbp is over i ordered my fleet to return 5 hrs ago but the same state as launched!!! pls fix this bug!!!!!!