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[Guide] My Tactics: "Efficient ways to level up"

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Posted on 1/19/15 8:00:48 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

First off as a new player what to do, follow the newbie guide as there would be directions to get you started

1- follow newbie guid
2- do your daily task
3- upgrade spacehunter (until level 3, till you get magistar)
4- upgrade capitol until level 6
5- get magistar, from here upgrade thoroughly it will get you through as a new player
6- use space hunter until level 6 (from here on you have to decide)

+What ships do i need to go through
-go get those magistar, upgrade as thorough as fast as you can, magistar 2 will get you as far as up to standard mission 50, you should be able to go farm most of the bot computers around for resources, magistar 3 will get you as far as standard mission 60.

*do i need helena?. no not yet , you might want to go with tiamat since you need a tank and balistics first
magistar is enough it has good crit and hit rate as hitter

that is your best bet for now as a new player to get you up to standard mission 60

*magistar bp can only be farmed through the Exploration portal, it doesnt appear until you get level 6 capital

*during farming of magistar bp to fasten up you may want to use 8bux of your daily earnings on exploration to get you magistar bp. Where each exploration earns you 7 magistar bp + a possibility to get +9 more  

+Using (CP) command points to your advantage / Spending Command Points
-CP is not just used for nothing. standard missions, elite missions and Challenge missions
must be done through the course;

= Elite mission 3x12 = 36 command points = this also earns you shards / shards are used to upgrade commanders

= Challenge missions 6x3 = 18 command points = as a new player you will have dilemma of choosing between genesis nebula / secret area / lost sector

genesis nebula = Relics used to recruit captains / commanders ( but only for a chance to get 1 , also give you a shard and a chance to get elite or legendary shards 

secret area = earns you gems (increase stats of commanders / captain)

lost sector = earns you medals (you'll need to buy blue prints for the upgrade of your ships)
*this is your best bet as a new player, pump up the ship the you need*

-Use CP only to blue prints you need to complete and not to those random missions 
remember 10 standard missions is what you need, so prioritize those 10 with that you need 10

*key, you will earn cp once you finish standard mission on the first time, use this when you lack the cp to complete the task
+Building your base
You will need atleast a silver MVP it will cost you 110 bux which will activate 1 free slot to aid you for faster upgrading buildings the goal is to upgrade the space station as high as possible to get enough commander to aid you with your standard missions

on the early days of your this are the things you will need

capital level is the cap limit and tech of your base as a whole

space station determines the spacebase defense level and how many additional spacebase defense you will have but ofcourse specially the number of commanders you can deploy

Discover building will also unlock certain ships for your to get through

remember your level will also play a role, each time you upgrade a building it will give you experience points

spend your resources wisely on upgrades, always consider to have ships to farm before you upgrade if not
you must rebuild ships for you to farm before you upgrade, it is crucial that you have ships else if not it will
leave you with nothing but waiting and wasting time

+How to get bux free
Do the daily task = 50 bux / day
Do the Tasks list = 30-80 or more bux for certain you complete

+Spending bux / Using bux to your advantage
-Use it only through VIP during a collective certain days 
for example;

-Silver VIP (110 bux) are most used on upgrading buildings as you need 1 slot for construction. That is the only one benefit of it nothing much more and free 55 autofinish on missions to fasten your daily tasks

-Diamond VIP (325 bux) are used for the advantage of getting 60 Legendary Shards (30x2) on the last week of the month, and that awesome resources too 100% bonus oh and also the auto finish

-Use it on Elite missions, farming shards to aid you upgrade stars of your commanders
(atleast once for a favorable elite shard (blue) should be anough 10 bux a day)

-learn also to use the black market once in a while 5bux is worth an eliteshard if you come across 

as a new player this are your most certain goals minimize your game expense and maximizing your resources
and free supply of bux, but then after which of my post will then or maybe eliminated from the entry or the
game would be modified after this so cheers for the tutorial and prayers for will lose these advantages in the near future.

+Farming resources
FAQ: I ran out of resources, im stucked. What to do now?
as a newbie you have to learn to use the radar more often by this time you must have magistar 2 and a few balistic fleets

Turn keys and techniquest for survival farming:
+captains/commanders with the highest intiative stat points will be the first to move, and wil also be the first one to get hit

+for bashing players
-certain players like to hit the fleet with the highest attack, simply because they hit hard, by targeting this ships you will mostlikely to survive through. You will need a firm 1 or 2 or more balistics since players block your entrypoint and you get stuck on the portal.

+hitting bot/computers
-using initiatve to your advantage, you can use that fleet / commander as a decoy and put some sacrificial ships. this will be your core foundation attacking and farming through the seige and scanning through radar.

+Completing daily task
-just an additional note if you happen to come across difficulty and wondering how to not lose ships on siege daily task, which you will need 5x, you can use 1 commander each task to attack and modify that fleet to minimize loss, by using 1 ship at 1 slot and use it to attack, you complete 1 task each time

there will be more to tactics using the stat points to your advantage and other roundabouts to this guide,
but as a new player this should be your most basic need to knows. But i hope this doesnt marks my entry as marked down. thx

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