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[Guide] New Resource Planet Rules

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Posted on 8/24/15 3:28:57 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

1.If you are in a Guild, you can compete with others to control this planet. Upon taking control, all ownership rights will go to your Guild.

2.All defense buildings on the planet can be upgraded using the Guild's wealth. The higher the level, the better the upgrades.

3.The higher the level of the Resource Planet base, the faster the ship production and Science Research rates of the controlling Guilds. Additionally, the maximum number of fleets that can be stationed on the planet will increase.(Garrison Resource Planet from the Guild "Territories" interface. Elite Guild members can garrison Resource Planets.)

4.Once the Resource Bonus Planet is occupied, it’ll enter a protection phase for three days. After that, the Planet will enter one day of battle followed by another three days of protection. (If the Resource Planet is still contested when it goes into the protection phase, the battle goes into Overtime and participants can no longer dispatch reinforcement fleets. Resource Planets under the protection phase cannot be attacked.

5.Ships can only be garrisoned and recalled from the Resource Planets outside of combat. Battles that go into Overtime will continue until either all fleets on one side of the battle are eliminated or when the battle has reached the max number of Rounds allowed (Stalemate). If the result is a stalemate, the defending side wins and the surviving invader fleets return to their respective bases. If the invaders win, the protection phase of the Resource Planet resets to the full duration of three days. If the defending side wins, the protection phase continues with its countdown.(Players can select their own fleets stationed at the Resource Planets and choose to recall them from there.)

6. In the event of a victory for the invading side, the Resource Planet will no longer be occupied by the Guild represented by the invading player with the most kills. Instead, the Resource Planet will be occupied by the Guild with the highest combined Kills among the top 10 invading players in terms of kills.

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Posted on 8/24/15 2:34:13 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Point 6 is wrong. By a battle with 2 player from 2 different guilds win the player with the second most kills. What is the Information from IGG for this?

People always disqualify himself.
Posted on 8/25/15 10:59:37 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Point 3 - lie! rbp's absolutely not affecting in any manner shipbuilding and research speed, at all!

Point 6 - lie! random players getting rbp. for example - 2 players get in, one gets 64 shootdowns other 26 and guess what ? one with less sd's occupy it. another example - players from 4 guild clear rbp and yet again player with least shootdowns gets it, and before you start mumbling about "combined Kills" - he was alone from his guild.

Point 4 - freaking bullshit. Majority of players was against it in 1st place, and still after TWO (!) polls here and in fb you still managed to screw it over.

And support (as usual) is utterly useless, just brushing off ppl without even reading the complain.

Perhaps it would be better revert all back if you cant fix issues and focus on resbattle feature instead, that thing seemed promising.

Posted on 8/25/15 11:28:27 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I appreciate you all still making changes!  A lot of us still like the game and hope for more changes in the future