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[Guide] My Tactics: Guides to beating Missions

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Posted on 1/19/15 8:53:28 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Guides to beating Missions
Here are a few tips to getting past those difficult missions.

1. PAY ATTENTION:  Before you deploy your fleets and start the mission.  Always check out the enemy fleets.  You can do this before starting the mission by clicking on the enemy fleet and getting full details on what ships they are using (Space Hunter, Hamdar, etc) , what they are targeting (highest hull, nearest, etc), and what weapons (heat, magnetic, etc).  By knowing what the enemy target and use, you can place front line ships that they are weak against.  For example if the NPC is using lots Shadow Guardian you can tank with Devour.

2.  COMMANDERS: Consider building 2-3 of your commanders primary to tank and build them up (getting high star level) so they will be taking most of the damage because if you can last 1-2 rounds of the enemy fire you will probably have no problem getting past most missions.  Check your commander and pick those with high Evasion, some of the veterans I recommend are Shabasti, Heloyce, and Vinna.  Elite can be Devi or Panvi.  Legendary is Krina or Nora.  Note this list is not complete and just personal preferences so use what have available.

3.  LEVELS:  Leveling up your commanders as high as possible so they can command more stacks.  Get all your commanders to level 40-45 asap.  There is no easy way to level, the best and simple way is to grind out the highest standard missions with all your commanders and consider spending 60 Space Bux to recover 160 CP daily and it should speed up this process.

4.  GEMS:  If you have built up 2-3 commanders to tank, then its wise to put defensive gems on these commanders.  Evasion, Shield, and Armor gems are a good to put on these.  Consider buying Level 5 evasion gems and putting on these 2-3 commanders is key.  There is a big difference in having 200 evasion compare to having 163.

5.  SHIPS:  Upgrading the ships hull is probably the 2nd most important thing in the game after commanders.  I recommend getting any hull to Tier 4 is key to getting past these missions.  My personal recommendation is Daybreak, high agility (to reduce dmg) and high dmg rating (laser) not to mention low cost HE3 and excellent movement will make life a lot easier.

6.  SCIENCE: Upgrade Defense ship tech whenever possible.  Its the most important tech to upgrade first then work on Attack tech.  Focus primary on Shield, structure, agility and reduce damage first.  Don't waste time on repair and reflect damage tech until later in the game.

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