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[Guide] My Tactics: Efficient Way to Level Up

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Posted on 1/19/15 11:47:25 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

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In Galaxy Online 3, every time you build or upgrade a building you receive Experience Points which is needed for you to level up. Sometimes we lost track and can't move forward. Now, I will guide you on how to level up efficiently.

In Galaxy Online 3, buildings are your source of power; you need to upgrade each of the buildings of the game to provide you XP, and at the same time power you up. Higher level buildings means higher capabilities of doing things.

>High level Capitol means you can upgrade more buildings, unlock more researches, find more advanced blueprints and upgrade more science. This is the most important building because other buildings depend on it so remember to upgrade it!
>High level Resource Buildings such as Metal Extractor, He3 Mine and Housing District will provide you good amount of resources
>High level Shipyard can provide you more ship slots, making you build more ships.
>High level Research Facility can give you lots of ship designs which you can use to make better ships.
>High level Academy has an ability to recruit commanders at a period of short time. It can also provide you Shards once you have recruited a commander that you own already. Shards can be used to promote commanders
>High level Hangar repairs better percentage of destroyed ships
>High level Boost Buildings such as Park, Monument and Statue boosts your Resource Building's production.
>High level Black Market gives you a good ratio of gold-to-resource conversion

Upgrading most of the building requires lots of GOLD. Be sure to raid others or do daily tasks to get gold
The resource buildings require He3 and Metal so be sure to stockpile a good amount of them as well.

There are also buildings which you can't upgrade like Guild Office and Radar which means you'll only receive XP once they are built, but it will give you certain abilities.

*Guild Office

 can be used for you to make or join a Guild. When you join a guild, you can receive a certain boost of resource percentage, based on the level of the guild. You can boost it further when you and your guild mates take a Resource Planet.


can be used for raiding other planets. When defeating players, you gain a percentage of their resources and you receive a might rating.

Defensive Buildings can also contribute to a fast leveling, since upgrading defensive buildings is far cheaper than your ground based buildings. High defensive buildings means higher chance of fending off raids. You can save your resources from raiders!

Particle Cannons are very cheap, since its only effective against single fleets while Barricades, Thors and Hydra Cannons are justifiably expensive. (Barricades block fleets' way, and have a huge HP which can tank while Hydra Cannons deal a good amount of damage to multiple targets; Thors are like hydra cannons but they have bigger range and AOE, which deals damage to more multiple targets)


Not only upgrading buildings can give you XP. Upgrading Science Techs can give you high experience points, way bigger than upgrading buildings. Be sure to stockpile He3 and Metal as these resources are required to upgrade such techs, may it be on the construction, planetary defense, defend or attack

1. Do your daily tasks! It gives you some resources which you can use to upgrade buildings
2. Never hesitate to spend your space bux on resources in the black market. 50k resources are about 1 bux while 150k resources are about 3 bux
3. Try VIP if you have lots of bux. Being a VIP has many benefits! (Building's speed raised)

That's all! I hope this post will help you level up efficiently. :)

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