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[Event] YouTube Video Event - Tour of your base

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Posted on 3/12/15 3:00:34 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Each player has a different way of managing their base, one person may focus on unlocking all the Blueprints for ships, another may focus on leveling up all their bases buildings. We want to see your base and how your approach the game. Show us your fleets, your selection of Captains, your Federation League ranking, whatever you want! If you can, tell us why you used this approach. Simply upload your video to YouTube and win!

Event Duration - 11th of March - 18th March 23.59 (GMT -5)

Event Rules:
1. Upload a video to YouTube, and include your IGG ID in the video description. Then go to the official Galaxy Online 3 Facebook page and reply to this event thread. Be sure to include your IGG ID and YouTube link in your post.
2. The video should take place in Galaxy Online 3 itself and show various aspects of your base.
3. The video must be your own original creation (no cheating!) and at least one minute in length.
4. The rewards will be sent to your in-game mailbox within three business days after the event ends.
5. Only 1 reward per valid IGG ID - multiple submissions will not count.
6. We'll post our favorite videos on our Facebook page, as well as our official YouTube channel. IGG reserves the rights to use all submitted videos.
7. IGG and the Galaxy Online 3 team reserve the right to final interpretation for this event, its rules, its rewards, and use of all submissions.

- 1st Place: Legendary Shard x200 and 3000 Space Bux
- 2nd - 3rd Place: Legendary Shard x100 and 2000 Space Bux
- 4th - 6th Place: Legendary Shard x50 and 1000 Space Bux

All other qualified participants will receive 500 Space Bux! Don't miss your chance - make a video NOW and WIN!

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Posted on 3/12/15 3:59:44 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

He did not speak English so I touched on writing put on HD live the costum XD

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ok my entry has been deleted..

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I think you are supposed to post it on their FB page

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Posted on 3/20/15 4:46:15 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

yaaaay I won! thank you :)  I hope everyone enjoys the video.

Posted on 3/20/15 6:48:46 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

enjoy it ;] I did you the service of not posting a video :p

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