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Posted on 3/12/15 9:10:10 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Is there a better way to celebrate the upcoming weekend than with a chance to win 250 Space Bux? All you have to do is tell us how many Space Ships you can count in the image below. Once you have an answer, just send a message to the Official GO3 LINK account (Not the group, you need to add GO3 as a friend). 

Guess the correct number and you could be one of the 30 lucky winners to receive 250 Space Bux. 

Example: IGG ID & I counted XXX ships.

Event Duration: This event will end on the 19th of March @ 23.59 EST (GMT -5)

Event Rules:

1)Download and install LINK messenger from
2)Add Galaxy Online 3 as a friend (For a guide on how to use LINK, please see:
3)Send GO3 a message letting us know how many ships you counted and your IGG ID.
4)Like and share this post.
5)IGG and the Galaxy Online 3 team reserve the right to final interpretation for this event, its rules, its rewards, and use of all submissions.
6)Gifts will be sent in-game within 3 business days after the event ends.

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