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[Event] 3 Days 3 Treasures Event OP

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Posted on 6/15/15 10:17:24 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I started playing GO3 for a while, and the event 3 Days 3 Treasures caught my attention. I sneaked into it, and on the left there was written: 3000 x Bombardier-3. I clicked on the imagem and it said something like: 3000 x Bombardier-3 have been added to your ships. I added them to my fleets, and since then I have been rocking every mission until mission 30. I also placed 2nd in the Federation League, but I didn't make it to 1st because another player had the ships as well. I liked the Bombardiers' performance so much that I am just level 5 and I already have Bombardier-4, planning to get the 5th level for them. Let's do a quick review:
Standard Mission 29 and before - 3 Stars
Elite mission 1 and 2 - 3 Stars
Federation League Rank 1 - Minimum 1st place + 1 place for each person who has got them as well (minimum as well).
I know they aren't that good for late game but they annihilate (nearly) everything in their path. They are extremmely effective until level 5 maximum. Starting from there they keep getting worse and worse, so you'd better chance your tactic beyond that.

Posted on 6/15/15 12:03:55 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

good call indeed :].

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When I said level 5 maximum I meant player level