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[Guild] Inactives "recruiting"

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Posted on 3/29/15 7:23:02 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

The guild Inactives is recruiting others who have enough of GO3 and wants to quit.

Some said, I would quit to early, it's a young game and IGG will fix the bugs over time. I have to admit, they started to fix some of the bugs. But we're still running into bugs from the early days. And it's not really a young game. How many games did you played through within 1/4 year?

You also may think there aren't other games being better than GO3 and stay playing. Well, I already saw games doing much more fun than GO3 did. Maybe the graphics isn't that nice but those games actually made fun. And if you likes the images, check out Star Conflict - ok, they're calling their Space Hunter "Owl", their Sparrow "Triceratops", their Magistar "Maned Wolf" and so on, but if you like GO3 images, you'll like those, too... ;)

Why do I quit? The question is, why do you stay playing? ;)

IGG isn't testing what they release. Do you remember the Friday as they introduced the galactic ladder? After that half of the game was unusable for the entire weekend.

It's IGG we're talking about. The company who gave us the chat without timestamps and history, where ALL ARE YELLING EACH OTHER. And they didn't even realized that.

The ones, who gave us a "strategy" game, were the only strategy is, to throw all your fleets in at once and hope that you're strong enough.

The ones asking for screenshots that you can't find any npc. Those who said, that it's your internet connection if you can't login, their systems are running well and there is no pirate bug. Those who said it's a display bug if you kill your own fleets attacking a planet where your fleets are locked since days. I know we all could continue with examples for a very long time...

The company with the great user interface. Do you like the "Thanks" button? It's fun, isn't it? ;)

But GO2 was fun, right? They can make good games, you may think. So you enjoyed searching for resource bonus planets which opens soon? Or you had fun finding humaroids on a level you can beat? And how much fun did you had after they introduced Titan divines?

So what will happen? Same as it did with all IGG games. They will fix some bugs [someday] and they'll introduce new features, e.g. some overpowered captains you need to own so you have to spent again a lot of money to get them.

I told them already last year, that resources will become an issue. They said, I'm using the wrong strategy. Yes, they're right. The only working strategy in this game is to buy Space Bux for everything. You can't really play this game, all you need is SB or wait and wait and wait. I hate it that I can't keep my queues running. So I tried to talk to IGG that they make a game which can be enjoyed. But you know, it's IGG, they don't care.

I'll miss my Ancients, great people there. Also our battles with others like Lopus. Well, I won't miss derp (sorry dude ;)). And I won't miss GO3 or IGG.


Moner is out and I won't come back. I won't even touch any other IGG product again.

Posted on 3/29/15 12:40:39 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Good luck in the future moner

you have created one of the greatest corps in the game and will carry it on and keep it at the top

The Pirate Slayer
Posted on 3/29/15 7:21:57 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Keep safe, stay safe, Moner

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Posted on 3/29/15 8:53:43 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I'm with ya.  if I can't log in and do anything more after 5 min.  then I'll just have to find a game that is more interactive.  I did have high hopes for this game.  at least my experience with igg was short and stale.

Posted on 3/29/15 9:38:20 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Mhh honestly im in with you i just need a little time to see

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Posted on 3/30/15 4:27:54 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Sad to see you go you made life interesting.

Posted on 3/31/15 10:27:48 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Always sad to see good players leave any game...  My advice is maybe pop your head back in a few months down the road and see how its going, maybe things have changed by then.

Good luck Mooner in whatever games you play.

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Posted on 4/1/15 2:02:04 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

It was the first time I started a game on the very first day. I was always months or years too late and had to catch up as an underdog. So I've also no idea if other games starts with so much bugs and being unenjoyable or if this is an IGG special...

I'd loved to fight some great wars, but most of the time I'd to fight with bugs and a broken system. Too sad.

I didn't logged into my account short after the day change to the 1st April. So no April Fool's, Moner is completely out.

I saw it in the past with some who said they'd quit but kept being online from time to time. They didn't answered on mails or did anything else, but it looked like they're still around. So maybe IGG is cheating with the online times to make it looks like the top 200 is full of active player. If it's so, what does it say to us if IGG needs to introduce a fake online feature?

Check it by yourself. Really, I didn't logged into my account for around 12h and I won't do it in the future. And no, I won't come back later to see if the game changed to be enjoyable. I either play full or not at all.

I guess I'll change the sides and won't start any other game. So we won't met again in any other game. But if I find enough time, you may start playing my game in a few years... ;)

Until then I hope for all of you that IGG will finally sort this crap out and make a game you can enjoy. Have fun, it's a game and it should do fun playing it. :)