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[Guild] Lunarcron Recruiting

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Posted on 6/8/15 3:28:42 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Your guild has a heavy army? We have a Deathlancer. Join Lunarcron.

  • Top 10 guild.
  • Highly active, all day everyday (not very casual).
  • Level 7 (Level 8 on the way).
  • Involved in every aspect of the game including Resource Planet attacks and defenses.
  • We use strategy, tactics, and teamwork to accomplish our goals.
  • Friendly and informative members.
  • BYOB. Deathlancer beats everyone to the bar.

  • Requirements:
    • 100 daily contribution (this implies daily login minimum, exemptions available - life first)
    • Level 14 Capital
    • LINE Chat (Shush, NotDerp. Didn't ask for the app you use. :P)
    • Don't be a douche. Whether you're more powerful or not, we're chill and all those in Lunarcron are equally viable for nearly all of our operations.
    • Don't be ignorant. Follow simple directions, they save our lives and take the lives of enemies. (i.e. If we call for missiles/shuttles, don't send ballistics. If we call for ballistics, don't send lasers. Simple.)
    • If you don't know, ask. We're extremely friendly to those wanting to learn the game and wanting to better their game and our guild. The more you learn, the better we become.

    Email any of us for more info and interview:
    • DracoSys
    • Ragnahr
    • Insignia

    Posted on 6/9/15 12:46:58 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

    Nah Lunacron is a dictatorship, if you don't want to get Line chat they will kick you. Regardless if you help out with defenses and donate every day like your suppose to.

    Posted on 6/9/15 5:51:51 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

    Ok, I'll bite... even though I have no idea who you are. I've been the General of Lunarcron for less than a week. Since then, only 2 members have been removed due to ZERO (0) contribution in 2 weeks (we have screenshots for proof).

    As for the dictatorship, false by most common definitions. If you were in LINE chat where the guild communicates, you'd know this. All officers and deputies have been included in decision making for the requirements and members were given a chance to weigh in on these. Just because we have requirements, doesn't mean we're a "dictatorship." If you didn't meet the requirements after quite some time, you get the boot to make room for others who will.

    Contribution? We're not needy or greedy. As long as we make rent. It doesn't secure a position. Defenses? If you weren't in LINE chat, there's a high chance that you were fodder taking up space for someone who was more well coordinated with the guild. Since the previous general's last string of kicks, I haven't noticed any ranged non-tank hitters at minimum range getting punched in the face with Godfists and dying in round 1.

    TL;DR: You failed 2 simple requirements.

    1. LINE chat
    2. Don't be ignorant. Follow simple directions. (Multiple times now for not reading the "LINE chat" requirement on multiple occasions)

    Posted on 6/10/15 10:13:10 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

    probably the best recruitment ad I've seen in a long time. Makes me want to come over. gg. :p

    ps, line sucks :heart:

    reminds me of how easy it is to recruit in games, not Eve...

    Game enthusiast and knowledge whore.
    Posted on 6/12/15 1:50:45 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

    We are not a Dictatorship every member can be herd and there recommendations taken in to account and yes we did boot some people who didn't have line because they didn't read there ingame mail and kept F***ing up defences likeretards(FYI I'm just a member not an officer)