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[Bug & Suggestion] Doomsday module not working part 2

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Posted on 7/5/15 5:01:42 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Rockey posted about Custom Doomsday but I can't find it anymore. I think it was a poll. Anyway, I decided to do some research and experiment myself. I'll share the results below. (spoiler alert: doomsday doesn't work).

Planetary weapons don't seem to work... zero dmg is done. All fleets had full stacks of planet weapons yet no win. Should've been plenty to destroy all defences within 100 turns. I did los ships so they do get fired on. They just don't do damage. Thx to Drakpro for beeing the guinney pig.

Not to mention the battle freezes, but's not new.

After the battle:

All fleets gassed out. 350.000 ships with full doomsday...

The battle report also shows I didn't destroy a single defence building. In RP fights destroyed defence buildings DO show up so they should show up here as well. But they don't -  probably because planet weapons don't do damage.

With this I conclude the following:

- Custom doomsday modules do not deal any damage to planet defences;
Custom doomsday modules do activate (as shown in the screen recording)
- Custom doomsday modules use up He3 (my fleets are all gassed out)

Custom doomsday modules are bugged and should be fixed.
- Rockey was right about his complaint.

Posted on 7/5/15 5:45:40 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I first reported RBP problems on the 1st January and it has gotten worse since then... I reported the Doomsday problem as soon as I got to them, which was fast and was told it would be looked into and fixed....  guess what it never was...

Have no idea when or if this will be fixed now as not had any contact for over 4 weeks...

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Posted on 7/5/15 9:11:46 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

My bad I forgot  every-time I make a post a sticky it all but becomes impossible to find. lol unstuck now

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