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[Bug & Suggestion] Petition for Galaxy Online 1 remake?

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Posted on 2/25/16 9:01:47 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I feel like IGG should just remake Galaxy Online 1 and listen to their players to find out whatever problem it had that didn't generate enough $$, then fix it instead of investing their money in a new game that is sub-standard. Surely people aside from myself believe GO1 can be remade into a way makes IGG more money while still retaining gameplay that anyone would choose over GO3. Anyone else want GO1 back, potentially in place of GO3?

Edit: By remake I mean what you can buy with Mall Points - Rather than changing old content and making the players buy everything once free, they should add new content into GO1 that would invite players to buy points while still having the good old GO1 game as the backbone.